Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not too thrilled....

Hey y'all how are ya today?
It sounds like most of the country is having crazy spring weather! Today got to 74 here and tomorrow 40 is the high. Crazy.

So I received a message from a very upset lady, she was looking for my blog (...I never did find out why) when she put in Jennys Heart images of a nude young girl came up and she blasted me with both barrels.
Slow your roll lady, the photos are not of me nor anyone I know!
So after I read her message, I googled, binged, and yahoo searched my blog name sometimes I came up first, sometimes a young porn star named Jenny Heart did!
So now I am wondering if it is time for a name change?

Part of me wants something new, however everything here is what I love, it is my heart.
Changes are good, and trying new things and changes are what I desire this year.
At the same time....I was here
Hmmmm Decisions...
What do you think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring time fun 2014 style

Hey Y'all how are ya today?
Spring is in the air here today, the doors and windows are open and my nose and eyes are running, but it is worth it, today is beautiful!
I want to let y'all know about a new swap over at Sandy's
She is the sweetest and I love her swaps. I have never done a cloche before, they are really not my thing, but after seeing the most adorable things one can do with a plastic wine glass...holy sweetness, count me in!
Sign up QUICKLY! You only have until the 14th!
Check out her post at 521 Lake Street
bring some spring sweetness and a new friend into your life!

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