Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Challenge January

Hey Y'all,
How are you today?
This year sweet Amy at The Crafty Book Nerd offered up a reading challenge for the year. The goal is to read a crime or mystery book, write your own little review and link up to her blog along with other readers to see what they are reading every month. I LOVE this as I am a voracious reader.
This month I read "The Lord Is My Shepherd" a Psalm 23 Mystery by Debbie Viguie. My mom loaned it to me and I read it in one night!
I definitely want to read the rest of this series.
The book opens with the main character (Cindy Preston) arriving to work on the Monday of Easter Week, she works at a church and upon arrival finds a man has been murdered in the chapel of the church.
The Rabbi (Jeremiah Silverman) of the Synagogue next to the church comes to her rescue; and as their friendship grows they discover the murder does not end with the one man in the church, they have a serial killer on their hands! The detectives investigating the murder have their hands full, so of course Cindy and Jeremiah have to help out. They work with the detectives, and find out this killer has been at it all over the country for years, he kills and displays the bodies in the fashion of the last week in the life of Jesus. Creepy.
Through their investigation Jeremiah and Cindy become friends and learn about the faith and religion of each other.
AHHHH how do I tell you and not spoil the best parts....ha ha ha.

I really enjoyed this book and how Faith plays such a major role in the everyday life of the characters.
I learned a lot more than I thought I knew about the Passover and Jewish faith in general.
I think you would like this book,it is a fast paced read and I highly recommend it to you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Day!

Hey Y'all!
If you don't know I LOVE SNOW!
Well it snowed here yesterday; an entire 2" so southeast Virginia is shut down.
 I know, I know all you snow bunnies out there are laughing hysterically and are shaking your heads.
We rarely get snow in this area, last year not a flake fell.
So when it does snow here, everyone rushes to the grocery store to stock up and the state police are swamped with fender benders and wrecks. It is ridiculous, but that is how we roll down here...ha ha ha
case in point:
Photo From Wavy TV 10
 This was yesterday on I-64 which is the main Interstate here, this is just one of almost 200 accidents in our area yesterday.
Photo taken by my sweet friend and twinnie  Buffy Long, I swiped it from her facebook page :)
This was taken yesterday here in Franklin where we got 2.7 inches.
My silly pup Cody, who HATES rain, but loves to play in the snow.
He went out about 15 times last night, silly dog.
The view from my front porch at noon today.
I love it!

Ok so here is the silliest part, by Wednesday it will be 68 degrees!
I know a lot of you are now doubled over in laughter...teehee
ahhh life in the south!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I am back!

Hey Y'all!
I am finally back among the living...ha ha.
This Flu has been wretched and today is the first day since Dec.26 that I have not coughed  my lungs out.
I am still not 100% but so much better than I was.
I have so much to catch up on, I have not even been online hardly at all and I have missed out on participating in all the sweet Valentine swaps I was hoping to do.
I will have to catch up with y'all in the next few days.
I have missed all my sweet bloggy friends this month.
Thanks so much to all who have emailed, left a comment or called to check on me,
 it means so much that you care.
                                                   Love y'all and I will visit you soon.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Y'all! Happy New Year.

How was your Christmas?
How was your New Year Celebration?
What is on your agenda for 2013?

Our Christmas was very nice.
We spent the day with the family at my mom and dad's
Yummy dinner and desserts.
Beth made all us girls tote bags and aprons, and she had me for secret Santa and got me
 a great purse 
and 2 yummy Yankee Candles.
Then on the 27th I got a wretched cold and I still have it! 
A bit of flu.
Double Yuck.
My poor nose is so raw and my voice is all but gone, but
I think I am finally on the mend.
My tree is still up and I still light it up every night.
New Year's Eve, I called off work and stayed in bed.
Lee got me the britcom  "As Time Goes By" the entire series on DVD
for Christmas, so we got snuggled, he rubbed my back and we watched the 
exploits of Lionel and Jean as the New Year rang in.
Yeah pretty boring but we are rather nerdy and we were perfectly content, sick but content.

So do you pick a word for the year?
I don't, it's just not my thing.
I don't do resolutions either.
I never keep them...ha ha ha.
Does anyone ever keep them?
So my agenda for 2013....
Let's see,
Get a new hair do!
Celebrate my 2 year blogaversary.
Which is on the 4th of mm what to do?
Celebrate the big 4-0
Yep I will be 40 next month.   
Strengthen my relationship with God.
and I am sure much more will occur to me, but for now this is my 2013 agenda.
Well I have rattled on enough.
Happy New Year!
I love ya bunches and 
God loves ya more.
X's & O's