Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Power Of Your Words

My mom has taught me so much, I can not express in words what she means to me. I have great parents who love us and love The Lord and are great examples to us all.
 This is something my mom recently wrote and I want to share it with you, it's a bit long so be ready to read, but it was just to good not to share. I love you mom.

The power of words. “In God We Trust” and “One Nation under God” set forth the ideals, purpose and beliefs of the founding fathers in creating this nation.
 “I do.” makes a lifelong commitment to love and honor another and creates a covenant relationship.
Father forgive them” showed the greatest compassion and love the world has ever known.
It is written” defeated (and still defeats) the devil.
Let there be light” spoke the world into existence.
Thy will be done” showed submission to the will of the Father. Our prayers open the floodgates of Heaven and send angels out to do warfare on our behalf. They also do the work of satan, to kill, steal and destroy. God has shown us the tremendous power that our words have and yet we still speak carelessly and do irreparable damage with our mouths. We use curse words to devalue women and compare them to dogs, we take God’s name in vain and use it to damn another one of His children or something He created. We use words to cry out to God and plead for His intervention and then to express our anger at Him when we don’t get our way. Words can lift up, show love, sympathy, praise, compassion and grace or they humiliate, tear down, hurt, and destroy. Jesus used His words to teach, to instruct, to pray, to defeat the devil, to show love, compassion, forgiveness, humility and obedience to the Father. He used words to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, make the lame walk and raise the dead. He used words to take on the sins of the world, our sins, yours and mine, and to cry out to the Father that His purpose on earth was complete,
It is finished”. And now in Heaven, He intercedes to the Father on our behalf. We are the only beings in all of God’s creation to whom He gave the power of speech. That alone should create in us a sense of the responsibility, and a recognition of the power, our words have. “I love you” can be the most beautiful phrase a husband or wife can hear. “What’s wrong with you”, “You’re stupid”, I hate you”. “ You should never have been born”, “You‘ll never amount to anything”, “This marriage was a big mistake” , “ I‘ve found someone else, and I don‘t love you anymore”. All these words can truly kill, steal and destroy. If God spoke this very world into existence using words and He created us in His image how can we not acknowledge the power of words? Satan used only words to steal the promise of eternity, dominion over the earth and sinlessness, from man. All he did was speak to Eve. He recognized the power of words, shouldn’t we be able to do at least that much. How many times have you said something and even before you were finished speaking did you wish you could reel the words back in, like a fishing line, because you knew you shouldn’t have spoken what you did. How many times have you said something in anger to another and then you saw, on their face, the hurt your words caused? And all the “I’m sorrries” in the world can’t erase what was said. How many times have you thought, “Why did I say that?” How many times have you prayed, “O God forgive me for the things I said to _______ today? I hurt them Lord. I could see it in their eyes and by the dejected way they looked. I felt justified in my anger and I wanted to let them know, and I did. They “deserved” the sharp edge of my tongue. But instead of feeling good about letting them know how I felt, I feel awful; please forgive me and the words of my mouth. And help me Lord to ask them for forgiveness too”. I don’t know if you have ever prayed that prayer, but I know I have and way too many times. Why does it take seeing the pain and hurt our words cause, time after time after time, at the cost of another, to bring us to repentance? Or maybe you don’t speak them out loud to the person but you think them and keep them in your heart and it changes how you feel about them, how you treat them. And then you get the opportunity to “share” those feelings or offenses with someone else, and you do. You tell them what that person said or did or how they made you angry and of course you paint yourself as the victim (you know you do, I sure do). Or just maybe you take yourself out of the picture completely and just relate the other person’s words or actions with just a “little” emphasis on how stupid or irresponsible or inconsiderate they were. And the unspoken part at the end of those sentences we use to relate they actions is (“but I would never do that”). God surely knew the importance of words because He left us His word. Jesus said “I am the Word”Let’s take a little trip together, if you don’t mind. Some words make you feel good about yourself, or safe, or loved, or happy. Close your eyes with me and remember and if these words bring a smile to your face, so much the better. Remember where you were or who you were with and how it made you feel when you heard these words. “You’re my best friend”, “You got an A”, “ Would you come to my birthday party?”, “You want to go to the prom?”, “Ladies and gentleman may I present the graduating Class of…..”, “You’re hired”, “Merry Christmas”, “Will you marry me?”, “ I now pronounce you man and wife”, “Guess what, you’re going to be a daddy”, “ Congratulations, it’s a boy (or a girl)”, “Mama or Dada”, “Great job”, “Thanks for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you”, “Happy Birthday”, “ I love you!”, and then there are these incredible words, “Jesus loves you”, “He is Risen!”, “I go to prepare a place for you”, “You will be with me forever”.I love those words; they flood me with so many good memories. But, we have all heard words that hurt us, embarrass us, tear us down, make us feel so lost, alone and unloved, even unlovable. Words like “You’re a loser”, “Nobody likes you”, “Go away”, “Why can’t you be more like……”, “You’re only on the team because they had to pick everybody”, “You failed”, “I hope you don’t expect me to help you, to care about what happens to you, to go to bat for you, to be there for you”, “Are you kidding, I would never go out with you”, “You’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re skinny, you’re stupid, you’re a fool”. “Let’s just go our separate ways and never look back”, “I don’t love you, I don’t even like you”, “Do the world a favor and drop dead”. O, dear God forgive us for using this awesome, incredible power of speech to hurt someone else. For allowing satan to use our mouths and our words to kill, steal and destroy.
God has spoken three things into my Spirit since last year several times over. The first was “Remember”. I hope some of these words caused you to remember, in whatever way God chose. My prayer is that you remembered many, many good things, good times, good friends, and good experiences. For me, He also chose to cause me to remember all the times He has been with me, protecting me and loving me. And sometimes when I was very unlovable. The second was “The power of our words”. And again He caused me to remember. Some things I remembered about words I had spoken caused me to laugh but there were many times, too many times, that the words I remembered caused me to weep and pray that I had not done irreparable damage to another. And the third thing He has spoken into my Spirit is “Love with My heart”, just love. And I think that I finally figured out that if I do the third thing and love with the heart of God that the other two things, my words and my remembering will fall into place, and I pray, be pleasing to Him and bring me closer to Him. I pray that, through our relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, that all our remembering will be joyous, our words be a sweet sound to His ear and we will love one another with the heart of God.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The end of an era

Oh I know she looks a bit rough right now, but she has been empty for 4 years and is 59 years old. This was my grandparents house. Their house was the center of family life FOR YEARS. The city purchased it from my parents and aunt and it will be torn down soon. It is bittersweet, since it has been empty the termites have all but destroyed it and it has a lot of external problems, but the foundation is rock solid. My grandaddy built a strong house.
It reminds me of some of the lessons that God has been teaching me the last few years.
1.Everything ends. Good and Bad things all eventually come to an end.
2.Some times things have to be torn down, to be built anew;  there is a time and season for everything.
3.He is always there. ALWAYS.
4.The foundation of Faith, Lord Jesus is as strong as ever, He never crumbles or fails He is my strength.
I am learning new lessons everyday. I am still struggling with lots of things, but I know that leaning on Jesus I will never fall.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink Saturday...On A Sunday

Hey There all my Pinkie Pals, Thank You Beverly for hooking us all together!
I was not online at all yesterday so today I am catching up.
I posted earlier in the week about the great package of scrappy goodness my dear friend Aymee sent, all that paper made me want to scrap! I had a couple of Birthday cards to make anyway so I used some of the stuff Aymee sent

Then when I got done with those I was still in a scrappy mood so I did a couple of layouts the first one is of Shelby featuring her photos from her 4th birthday photo shoot I LOVE this girl to bits!!!
And this one is Colby and I writing his Christmas list together after Thanksgiving dinner it's something he and I have done together the past few years. We go through the ads and I write or I flip the pages and he writes, I Love that special time just with him.

So that's what I did this week.
Thanks for stopping in and YES I am still playing with this camera trying to find the best settings,flash,lighting etc...still a work in progress.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have a GREAT Friend!!!

Last week I got the most WONDERFUL package in the mail.
I have a sweet friend in Pennsylvania her name is Aymee you can find her at her sweet blog
 A SCRAP HAPPY SOUTHERN BELLE. She is such a talented papercrafter, I cannot even begin to tell ya, you will have to go see her for yourself.
Not only is she super talented, she is a sweetheart and a displaced southerner! She is from Alabama and living for now in PA. ANY HOW she was purging her crafting supplies and asked me if I was interested in any of it. Well after only a second of thought (thinking of the crafty budget...which is $0) I said OF COURSE! She packed a flat rate box and when I say packed I mean PACKED! She spoiled me rotten. Here is a view of what she sent to me.

                              Goodies Galore! Tons of Embellishments
                                 HUNDREDS OF SHEETS OF PAPER!
                                           Look at this stack of paper!!!
She was too generous! I will have a great time crafting away, I have already thought of several layouts I want to so with these papers.
Thank You Aymee!
I love ya girlfriend.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey there fellow Pinkies, How are you this Saturday? It's another rainy/cloudy day here in Virginia.
Today we are celebrating my nephew's 7th birthday, I love that boy so much and he has such a heart for God. I was the first member of the family to hold him (after his parents of course) 23 minutes after he was born he was in my arms;  he brings me so much joy! He is also a goofball and even though there is not any pink in these photos of him, I just had to share them in celebration of his birthday, these photos are from Mother's day last week.

                                          posing on the dance floor
dancing with his mom on mother's day

Happy Birthday Squirt!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Do you

Do you ever just want to curl into a ball and hide from life? Oh I know that is not the answer to anything, but it's definately how I am feeling lately.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Jello Breakfast!

Hey Y'all,
How are ya this wet Wednesday? This is the view from my front porch this morning,

 it's raining and cool (I love it!) there was a bit of thunder earlier and let me tell ya I love a good thunderstorm, my front door is propped open (since I don't have a screen door)  and I am enjoying the rain and cool air and Jello salad for breakfast.
I remember when I was a kid in the 70's every party or picnic we went to there was some form of a jello salad, then in the 80's not as much, in the 90's... Perish the thought of something so old fashioned! Now a days it's ...a jello what?... well my grandma gave me her Tupperware Jell-O Mold when I got married nearly 15 years ago and I have never used it.

Last month I got the urge to try and make a jello mold so I got it out cleaned it up and tried it out. I got 2 boxes of Black Cherry (our favorite) Jello and a big can of fruit cocktail and made my first one. This one here is my 3rd! THEY ARE SO YUMMY~ cheap and easy too, I made this one at 2 am and breakfast is ready at 8! HAPPY DANCE! Now I didn't intend to have it as my morning meal, but hey I am a grown up and my mama told me I could eat what I wanted when I had my own house. So I did. :)
What's for breakfast at your house this morning?