Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Jello Breakfast!

Hey Y'all,
How are ya this wet Wednesday? This is the view from my front porch this morning,

 it's raining and cool (I love it!) there was a bit of thunder earlier and let me tell ya I love a good thunderstorm, my front door is propped open (since I don't have a screen door)  and I am enjoying the rain and cool air and Jello salad for breakfast.
I remember when I was a kid in the 70's every party or picnic we went to there was some form of a jello salad, then in the 80's not as much, in the 90's... Perish the thought of something so old fashioned! Now a days it's ...a jello what?... well my grandma gave me her Tupperware Jell-O Mold when I got married nearly 15 years ago and I have never used it.

Last month I got the urge to try and make a jello mold so I got it out cleaned it up and tried it out. I got 2 boxes of Black Cherry (our favorite) Jello and a big can of fruit cocktail and made my first one. This one here is my 3rd! THEY ARE SO YUMMY~ cheap and easy too, I made this one at 2 am and breakfast is ready at 8! HAPPY DANCE! Now I didn't intend to have it as my morning meal, but hey I am a grown up and my mama told me I could eat what I wanted when I had my own house. So I did. :)
What's for breakfast at your house this morning?


  1. Hi Jenny~I laughed when I read this post! I love Jello...always have...plain, with fruit or even with veggies! I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful cards you have sent me during my illness and hospitalization. I am home (after 16 days in)but had a rough first 2 weeks home. I am finally able to sit at the computer for a bit. I am trying to catch up on my favortite blogs. You are a wonderful example of God's love and I have appreciated your prayers and caring words! xoxo

  2. Hi Jenny! So nice to see you stop by and leave such nice comments. I love jello with bananas and peaches - yum! Gotta love Tupperware - it lasts forever! I always think of Tupperware toys with fondness. Enjoy the rain! It'll water all those flowers. Hugs!

  3. Very nice! Art's mom gave me that exact piece of Tupperware! Maybe AJ and I will need to dig it out (I wonder where we put it?) and make a yummy treat!