Monday, June 1, 2015


Hey Y'all how are ya today?
It is beautiful here today low 80's and no humidity equals a great day.
I am healing pretty well from surgery, but believe me I know when I have done a bit too much OUCH! lol
I am so very very bored! I have left the house only 3 times since surgery and I am going stir crazy.
I am just not motivated to do much which is frustrating.
One can only watch so much television.
I have read 5 books and almost through a 6th.
I made some summer wreaths for my sisters, my mom and me,
which for some reason only known to Google I cannot upload the photo, but you can see it here on my fb page.
I have looked at Pinterest until I am cross eyed lol and still have not cooked or created a thing from there. SHEESH! All this time I am waisting is working my nerves HA!
I work well with challenges so friends I have a favor to ask.
Challenge me to do something creative your choice, I can do scrapbook layouts, crafty stuff,write letters, cards, cook etc... pick something and help me out of this funky spot!