Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Thank You to all who visited, commented, linked up and left some love for us this weekend.
Thank You for all the Birthday heart was full!
Thank You to my Secret Blogging Sister who sent me these lovelies for my Birthday (I actually got it on my Birthday too)
Thank You !

Some goodies to get creative with!

Without whom this party would not have been possible.
Our friendship is precious to me and I thank God for her.

and now without further ado... the winner from my blog is...

She has a lovely blog and I think we are going to be great friends!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

         2 FOR 1 BLOG PARTY--
                   JOI​N US!!

This weekend we...Marcia and I are celebrating!

Won't you join us for the party?
We are celebrating Marcia's 2 year Blogaversary and my 39th Birthday!
How are we celebrating you ask?
Why with you of course and a linky and gifts!
Marcia is offering a set of  tags she made with our theme of 2 Better Than 1.
I am offering you a set of 8 handmade cards...

We will have one give away on each blog.

Happy 2nd Blogaversary Marcia!

To enter for a chance...
Share with us a story of

Tell us about a friend you love, using


Then leave a comment here and/or on Marcia's blog, Link up if you wish and...

                                        Let's celebrate!

clicking on Marcia's name OR on the In Stillness and Simplicity link on my side bar will take you to her. Using the link for your story will post it on her blog too :)

Link Up Here :)

Love Y'all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The cutest little lamb chop!

Hey Y'all how are you today?
It is 27 degress this morning... last night it snowed some and was gone by 8am...tomorrow is supposed to be 67 and Wed. 70.....crazy weather here this week!
I have to share a few photos of my little Lamb Chop!
Layden is almost 14 months old already!

Monkey Shining!

I love this little man so much!
He is so much fun and too cute for words!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dotty Swap!

I signed up for the Dotty Swap at Cutie Pie Cottage, it was so much fun!
We swapped 3 dotty items with our partner. My partner was
Velma at  Down Our Country Road. She is a sweetie, so make sure to visit her.
Here is what I sent to her
Image from Down Our Country Road
Her photo was better than mine...LOL
Dotty note cards, a pair of Dotty Aloe Socks and a
 Dotty pin cushion that I made for her.

Here is what she made for me...

Lovely wrapped dotty packages :)

Inside was a great pair of pot holders that she made!
Her Etsy is Dowggone Cute Creations
I LOVE THEM! and Lee said "finally a pot holder I can get my hand in"...LOL
Next was the sweetest dotty gift!
A special holder for my fur babies leash.
It was so sweet of her to make it for him.

OK y'all know my love of all things cupcake so this was perfect for me :)

Thank You Velma, thank you so much I loved it all and
you are a great swap partner.
And a special thanks to Holly for hosting such a fun swap.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

i have no idea where I got this image, I have had it forever....sorry I can't give credit...

I wish y'all a very Happy Valentine's Day!
Snuggle up to your lovey and steal a smooch ;0
And make a batch of yummy cupcakes, that makes everyone smile and feel loved.
Image from Cee B.

Give love and I hope you feel loved, today and always!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Here is the little tag I made for the Tag A Month Swap @ The Altered Paper

I know we are only 2 tags into the year, but I love doing this swap! It is a lot of fun and I have had 2 lovely swap partners so far. This month I am swapping with Christine @ It's The Simple Things In Life. Christine is an amazing paper crafter! Everything she makes is just adorable!
I am so glad Tee is hosting this tag swap, it's not too late if you want to join in the next tag is in March and the theme is St.Patrick's Day just sign up over at The Altered Paper...I can't wait :0

Monday, February 6, 2012

We are having a party...

a party for two...

Marcia and I are having a Blog Party! We are celebrating her blogaversary and my birthday...which happen to be the SAME day! February 24. Our party will start on 2/24 and run through  2/29, we are still fine tuning all the details, so check back here or with Marcia @ In Stillness And Simplicity for more info in the coming weeks.

                                      UPDATED INFO :)
**Share a post about friendship and what it has meant to you through the years. You may use writing, photography, painting, crafting or even cooking.
Share a post about friendship and what it has meant to you through the years. You may use writing, photography, painting, crafting or even cooking.**

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
How are y'all this lovely February day?
The weather is cool and crisp and the sun is shining and I have a HUGE pot of home made Vegetable Soup simmering on the stove;  so not a bad day at all here in the Old Dominion.
I love the month of February. I always have, for several reasons.
Valentines day (the perfect day for one like me who loves all things with hearts on them)  my sister Laura's birthday, my dear friend Nathan's birthday, my friend Julia's birthday, my niece April's birthday, and my birthday. PHEW it's a busy month, but I love it! The weather is usually cold (just how I like it) and I have lots going on. FUN TIMES!
For my pinks today I wanted to share with y'all some delicious die-cuts (sadly now discontinued)
 I got from Jenny & Aaron last year.
 I LOVE THEIR ART! I am a huge fan of theirs.

OK so many of you know I love all things cupcake, so when I saw their cupcake die cut I wanted it so bad, however I had to save my pennies for it.

Then I saw a plate of doughnuts that looked good enough to eat!
This is the perfect cake!
I'll take one for Valentines day! 
Isn't this lovely Chocolate Confection
The perfect cake for a month filled with birthdays! 
And they all came ready to hang!
This is just a SMALL, Tiny piece of the Art they create
Jump on over and visit them at Everyday Is A Holiday
and check out their shop.
I want one of everything they have!
It is just too sweet.
They are super talented, just as nice as can be, and great artist!
You will love them, I know I do :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Parfait anyone?
When was the last time you had a parfait?
I made this easy peasy dessert and as I was about to put it together I realised I was out of pastry bags AND Ziploc bags so I just had to spoon in the chocolate mousse layer, so it doesn't look as pretty as I 'd like BUT it is so yummy :) and that is really all that matters!

The best's sugar free so it's a sweet treat for my sweetheart.
We love black cherry jello and the sugar free is pretty good, but BORING, so I was trying to think of a way to male it special.
and this is what I came up with.

For the Chocolate Mousse
1 box sugar free instant chocolate pudding
1 container sugar/fat free whipped topping
1/2 c. milk
Mix it all together until the pudding is well combined into the topping
it will be thick and creamy.

2 boxes sugar free jello I used Black Cherry, but you can use what you like.
Follow instructions on box, make and chill until it's firm and you are ready to assemble.

Find a pretty glass or bowl or those parfait glasses you have hiding in a cabinet.
Layer in how you like.
I did jello, pudding, jello and whipped cream on top.

You can jazz it up how ever you like, this works for us and made Lee happy.
He could care less that I didn't have the mousse layer piped in and the jello layers aren't as level as I wanted them, he is just happy I made him a treat.
Do your fellas feel the same way?

So how about a parfait for your someone special, they are fun and yummy.

**One note on the pudding, I have made my mock "mousse" with store brand and name brand pudding, The "Jell-O" brand dissolves best. The store brands I have used stay grainy and don't dissolve as well and leave a "waxy" feel behind.**