Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Such Sweet Friends!

Hey Y'all! How are ya?
Getting by here.
So I have some rotten news :(
Diabetes has struck our family again. This time I have been diagnosed.
AHHHHH! Y'ALL How am I gonna give up all my
I am a sweets addict, I can give up chips and yes even ... (some) pasta and I ADORE Italian food as well.
But sweets are my Achilles heel. Prayers...y'all lots of prayers.

Onto my sweet friends, Trisha at Glass Slippers and All Sorts of Stuff won my Yankee Candle give away, and she sent me this sweet and festive banner

I LOVE IT! I have had it up for the entire month of July.
It was such a sweet surprise.
Thank You again Trisha.
Love you bunches :)

Then in the mail I got this perfect for me bookmark from 
Ashley who was my blogging secret sister last year.
Sorry for the sideways photo, I flipped it about 15 times and it keeps flipping back.
Oh we all know I am not a photographer ;)

Thank you Trisha and Ashley for thinking of me.

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Addition

Hey Y'all!
I am such a bad
Well I am here today and hope to catch up with y'all.
How is your summer treating you?
Hazy, Hot and Humid here in Virginia and y'all know how I feel about the heat! YUCK! Other than that...
Mine is ok so far, if I could just stay healthy, I am fighting my 2nd sinus and upper respiratory infection in just over a month! UGH I hate a summer cold.

So for today I wanted to share with y'all a special event.
My sister Laura and her husband Patrick are expecting in October, WELL they wanted to do a gender reveal party and they asked me to take care of the big announcement for them.
Y'all I was so tickled, I hit Pinterest like a hurricane. HA! I could not decide on just one way to do the reveal so I did several ideas dragging it out just a bit...he he he I loved it!
I did not however get photos of everything I did I KNOW I KNOW BAD BLOGGER!
I was just too wrapped up in having fun.
So here is what I did

1.Oreos, I twisted the cookies apart and scraped the middle out of 4 cookies, placing 2 of the middles in 2 bowls I then used food coloring to tint the cream, I twisted apart all the rest of the cookies and using a straw took bits of the middles out and replaced the missing cream with the tinted cream. I used yellow and green...

2. Silly String, I got cans of yellow, green and purple silly string took off the caps, covered the cans in paper and we had a silly string war in their backyard.

3.Balloons in a box, I inflated yellow, green, red, orange and purple balloons, poked holes in the bottom
of the box, tied the strings to the bottom and wrapped the box in brown paper,
then had everyone cast a vote for boy or girl on the box.
4. I got 2 outfits one for Laura to open and one for Patrick to open they were both
yellow and green...the torture was killing everyone...hehehe.....

They are doing the baby's room in Sesame Street, so I found fabric,
sippy cups and cake decorations
 to carry their theme for them

5. Cake. The most popular way to reveal...
I had the bakery at my store put colored filling in the middle,
and "What will it be? Elmo or Abby?
y'all by now the entire family was ready to kill
as my sister cut the cake, I heard several comments about how they were sick
of yellow and green and was ready to know what the baby would be!
BWAHAHAHAH the filling was Yellow!

OK see the lone purple balloon in the back???
Inside said balloon was confetti.
Well confetti of sorts, no one in Franklin had any confetti!
So I cut bits of ribbon and put it inside the balloon.
I gave the balloon to Patrick and told him to pop it.
the confetti fell to the floor and Shelby shouted IT"S A GIRL!!!!!

So in October we will welcome to our clan Darby Elizabeth!
Her nickname from me will be Dew Drop because of her initials.
I already adore her and she will have the most wonderful parents!
We can't wait to meet her.

Thank You So Much Laura and Patrick for letting me do the reveal.
I loved every second of it.

This was a ton of fun for me :)
See how could I pick just one idea?