Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Such Sweet Friends!

Hey Y'all! How are ya?
Getting by here.
So I have some rotten news :(
Diabetes has struck our family again. This time I have been diagnosed.
AHHHHH! Y'ALL How am I gonna give up all my
I am a sweets addict, I can give up chips and yes even ... (some) pasta and I ADORE Italian food as well.
But sweets are my Achilles heel. Prayers...y'all lots of prayers.

Onto my sweet friends, Trisha at Glass Slippers and All Sorts of Stuff won my Yankee Candle give away, and she sent me this sweet and festive banner

I LOVE IT! I have had it up for the entire month of July.
It was such a sweet surprise.
Thank You again Trisha.
Love you bunches :)

Then in the mail I got this perfect for me bookmark from 
Ashley who was my blogging secret sister last year.
Sorry for the sideways photo, I flipped it about 15 times and it keeps flipping back.
Oh we all know I am not a photographer ;)

Thank you Trisha and Ashley for thinking of me.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My uncle was recently diagnosed too and I am afraid that it could happen to me someday if I don't get my act together soon. And I love my sweets, dang it! I am so glad that you have been enjoying your banner all of July. It looks perfect on your clock! Have a great weekend!


  2. Thinking of you and sending hugs of health. I have been struggling with some health issues as well so let's think of each other these next few weeks.
    I do hear you on the no sweets thing. But, in all honesty, it would be the low carb thing that would kill me.

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  4. Hi Jenny! I've missed you so! I'm sorry about your recent news. Hoping you can turn it around with a change of diet. Praying for you!! Emailed you too! Love A

  5. Well that stinks, Jenny! But we know you're going to get heathier ~ hang in there, friend:)