Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bridal Shower part 2

We all love our little sister and we had so much fun putting this together.
We played a few games Beth, Amanda and I each did a game Amanda did Bridal Shower Bingo,
Beth did a Scattergories game with Laura as the letters to work off of and I did a British Equivalent game ( a nod to the Royal Wedding).
                      guests playing games (and Layden and me)
                                 Billie mother of the groom  

           Our mom Debby mother of the Bride
Joanne, she is the Hostess of the shower and the Matron of Honor. She pretty much put the shower together. She is awesome and I love her.

Our "favorite" cousin and best friend to us all Leigh.
and Laura the bride.
My sisters Laura and Beth

OK you THINK we would have taken this photo BEFORE the shower when we were all cool and fresh and pretty not After we got done scrubbing up! Oh well this is us, all the sisters and our mom.
From Left to Right is: Mom, Beth, Laura, Joanne, Me and Amanda. This is where my Heart always is.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridal Shower

Well, I think we had a great shower for my sister. For those that don't know I have 4 sisters.
So for parties and showers we all do a piece of it and my Mom does a LOT of it too.
We had my sister Laura's shower at the church my Mom and 1 of my sisters go to. We have a long history in that building (but that is another post...) so we had a ton of food as always and we are so happy Laura liked it all. For my part of it I did the dessert table and for that I decided to do a Sweet Shop.
I made a banner and a wedding cake (made of towels) and a treat jar, all the the things I used to hold the candy and the towel cake were my gifts for her too (plus all the leftover candy in them!)
Wow this is getting long already so I will just show y'all a bit of it for today.

So this was my part of the shower.
I only wish I could have done more for her.
I'll post more pictures and more about the shower later in the week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Tag Swap*** Updated

Happy Easter!
He Is Risen!
My reason for the season is of course Jesus sacrifice.There is no greater love.
But of course I do enjoy all the wonderful pastel colors and the bunnies and chicks too.
I was part of Sandy's first swap at 521 Lake Street and was partnered with Angela of Down to the Darling Details.
I have loved getting to know Angela and making my first tag ever. She is great and has family not too far from me , so I hope to one day get to meet her. We have a lot in common first and foremost our mutual love of Christ!
Now if I can take better photos! Ha! It was raining when I took the photos, I am sorry for their quality, but Oh well bad photos are part of life! I promise I will get better at taking them!
Here is the tag I made for Angela, I had a great time making it for her and she told me she loves it. I am so glad!
And here are all the goodies I sent with the tag.

I found a little plaque at my local Christian Bookstore in her favorite color of green, with an inspirational saying on it, Peeps because she loves them, nail polish and foot pampering items so she can get her toes ready for spring and summer after a long cold winter in Nebraska, sharing the love and creativity from Elizabeth with the pompom chick because we both love her, so I shared :)   a cute bunny I found for her because it's Easter and her last name means rabbit and a box of chocolate from Whitman's candy who is so awesome because they put Faith and scripture right on their box! How could I pass that up. (on a side note I will always support Whitman candies because they do this!)
So that is what I sent I had a great time doing this for her and I can't wait til Sandy's next swap.
Happy Easter to you all and celebrate Christs LOVE for us.
***** I received my package Tuesday, Angela spoiled me rotten!****All IMAGES OF WHAT ANGELA SENT TO ME ARE FROM ANGELA'S BLOG
Only the sweetest tag ever! So cute and I love the little Lamb. Just Perfect.                                                       
               A cute little chickie that will look perfect in a pot full of Tulips.
A cute basket she made me from a nut cup, filled with sweets and a cute bunny ring.
Vintage love, a wonderful spring doillie and ceramic rabbit, love them both...perfect.
Tulip love, tulips are my favorite flower, so she sent a wonderful note pad and some little embellishments for me to use in my paper crafting. She knows me all too well :)
Thank you so much Angela, it was just lovely of you to spoil me so.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


           My brother in law Steve with Shelby and my sister (his wife) Beth in his garden.

Whew, where does the time go!, I missed pink Saturday and haven't posted in over a week! Yikes
I've just been working and trying to get things together for my sister's bridal shower on Saturday.
I also was able to get my grandma's 1950's Formica kitchen table; it's the  table she had since my dad was a wee lad. I have fond memories around that table and I am thrilled my dad and aunt let me have it . One leg is a bit wonky so Lee is gonna give it a bit of TLC and get it all spiffed up for me.We met my brother-in-law Steve over at my grandparents house yesterday morning (since Lee can't really lift or climb steps) he helped me load it. It was bittersweet. Their house is a Sears and Roebuck kit house purchased and built by my grandaddy in the early 50's. He had such pride in it! We have known for the past 3 years that the city is going to purchase it and the land around it from my dad and aunt and tear it down to expand the roadway there. :(    It was pretty tough on me being there for probably the last time ever. We have to have it all cleared out by May 8th. I am truly blessed to have the memories of that house and the events surrounding it. I miss them but thank God I had them. Other than that not much going on here in Franklin right now. I am going to attempt to get into my crafty groove as I am off today and tomorrow.
Hopefully I'll have something new to show ya soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink Saturday

Easter Inspiration,
Natalea had a give away on her blog  Kandeland, and I won. It arrived in the mail yesterday and is even cuter in person than in the photos. I would have never thought to use Lilly pads as an embellishment.
                                               photos from Nataleas blog kandeland
She is so talented and I am always inspired by her, and her daughter is cute as a button!
I also just finished a postcard swap she hosted, she is starting another one , it was a lot of fun. I'll do a separate post about that later next week.
Thanks Natalea for such a cute egg to add to my Easter decor.
Happy  Pink Saturday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Life

Hey y'all,
Well work is kicking my hiney this week! I am exhausted. Luckily I am off tomorrow. I need to get in my craft room and get the banner done for my sister's bridal shower; and finish the tag for Sandy's  Easter swap at  521 Lake Street. It's not a heated room, so I also need it a little warmer :)
Today is the day Lee goes to the Dr. it is the appointment that Social Security set up for him, he is trying to get disability. It's kind of a double edge sword we need the results to be in his favor, but at the same time we don't want his health to be bad....It's in God's hands.
My baby nephew Layden will be baptized soon and he is doing so well, God has blessed us greatly in healing him.
This picture of him cracks me up!  He looks so much like my brother. He is growing like a weed and healthy. He is 3 months old now, and oh how I love him.
Well I gotta get some sleep, 10pm comes awful early.....lmbo! (I work 10pm-7am)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
This week I got the most wonderful package in the mail.Last week the dear, sweet, wonderful Elizabeth at Creative Breathing decided it was time  to  clear out her craft room. I was lucky enough to purchase her Easter Pom Pom trio.
Aren't they just adorable!                 
I can say without a doubt the photos Elizabeth took are so much better than mine.
I need more practice at photography!

                                    She is the sassy
She also included these great vintage Easter cards in the box.

Thank you so much Elizabeth, You made my week!