Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Y'all, phew this weekend was busy as can be! Work was CRAZY! I worked the entire holiday weekend and I am exhausted. I am glad that is over, we have a few days of normal and then the first of the month hits and we are crazy again until about the 5th, oh well that is the life of retail. So how was your weekend?
The weather is hot and humid already...you know how I feel about that...yuck! Teehee.
So anyhow onto the good stuff :)
This month I joined in the post card swap at Inspiration Avenue this was my first swap there and I have loved doing this swap, it was a handmade postcard swap and we were to make and send 5 cards.
 I hope my partners who are all over the world like them :) I am swapping with ladies in South Africa, England, and Australia...how cool is that!
These are the cards I made.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lock Of Love

Hey Y'all how are ya?
The weather is heating up and the dreaded humidity is creeping in!
I am very much a fall/winter person!
How are things in your neighborhood?

So I have had a few people ask me to show them my new do,
while I was on vacation I got a hair cut and donated the length to Locks Of Love
I have grown it out for about 3 years just to do the donation, plus Lee loved my hair long :)
Yep he still is miffed about me cutting it, but oh well he will live...lol.
So here in the first photo is how I have been wearing my hair for about 2 years, in a bun, twisted and clipped or in a pony tail.
Here is all that hair down... 
and here it is after cutting off 11 inches. 
The curls bounced right back and the humidity frizzed it in about a second...lol
My hair is naturally curly, but the weight of all the length pulled the curls just about out!
So there you have it, the most exciting blog post ever....LMBO!
BUT in all seriousness Locks Of Love is a wonderful program and 
I am happy I was able to do my little part to help out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My sweet blogging sister

So have I told you lately that I adore being a Blogging Sister?
My sweet sister sent me
Such wonderful LOVE :)
A yummy vintage apron, that makes me feel pretty.
Some delicious smelling cinnamon roll candles, a recipe for a sweet treat,
Seeds for growing and 2 little bird picks for putting in the flower pots.
Thank You So Much My Lovely Secret Sister.
I am truly blessed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Better late...

This month I participated in Tee's Tag-A-Month swap. Have I told you before how much I love doing these tag swaps...teehee
This month I swapped with Amy at The Crafty Book Nerd OH MY GOODNESS WHERE DO I START!
First I was NOT expecting a box like this

I mean wow! It's a tag swap and this HUGE box arrives :)
IT was PACKED FULL of Goodies!
Paper and ribbon and butterfly's...oh my!

A ton of chipboard embellies and loads of goodness!

yummy papers to play with

loads of ribbon on their own little tags

TIM HOLTZ now who among us crafty peeps does not love him!
these little configurations have many possibilities buzzing in my brain!

                              NOW REMEMBER THIS WAS A TAG SWAP :)
A SWEET Pocket with the cutest tags inside

Her 5 year old Emma made this one for me.
I adore it! Didn't she do a great job!
Only 5 and already a super paper crafter!
She rocks!

THEN...I pulled these out of the pocket


and adore each and every one! I LOVE the fairies
They are AWESOME!
They are perfect and I love them
Thank You Amy and Emma!
I loved swapping with you and your gifts are perfect!
 and last but not least these are the tags I sent Amy
The theme was Mother's Day so I thought I would do one with little girls since she has 2 little ladies.
And I though I would do one with a "where it all began"
type of theme. I hope she likes them
you know I HAD to use my FAVORITE October Afternoon papers and embellishments.
Looking at them now I can see where I wish I had added a couple extra elements.
Next Time...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day MOM!
I Love You so much!
You are the most wonderful mom in the world!
I know you will hate this photo...teehee, but it is the most recent one I have of you.
Thank you for teaching me how to be the woman I am. 
You are the best example of a child of God, mother, and lady any girl could ever hope to learn from.

Happy Mother's Day to Joanne and Amanda too.
Y'all are great Mom's who have blessed us with the greatest kids!
We Love y'all!

Happy Mother's Day to 

My favorite Hester-In-Law :)
You are an amazing Mom with 2 Wonderful kids
I miss you and Love you TONS!

                     Happy Mother's Day!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


What a week! We had some Internet issues...AGAIN! We had some pretty bad storms during the week and it disrupted the service, then we had a few other issues, but anyhoo  I am back...for now...LOL
So lets see, Tuesday was the SS hearing and we did not get a decision from the judge, it will take two weeks to two months to find out what the judge decided...still praying on that!
I got most of my vacation goals accomplished
I spent a lot of time here in my  chair reading and sipping on Sweet Tea!

In front of my little fire bowl

Gazing up at the stars, talking to Jesus.

I did get a hair cut, if Lee ever gets over it I'll get him to take a photo...lol
The weather was too chilly to get to the beach, so I still have something to look froward to :)
I did not get a tattoo, I am still searching for the "right" birds...
I did use the gift card Marcia sent me YAY!
We were supposed to have dinner with my sister Laura and her husband, but Lee fell that morning, so we stayed in and he was in bed all of Saturday and 1/2 of Sunday.
He is ok now...
I did get to the movies, but not this week, it was not until this past Friday.
My sister Beth and I went to see "The Lucky One"
loved it!
I sent Jenn her cards, I wrote a few letters, I scrapped a LO, I cleaned up my scrappy area, I am still not happy with all of it, but it will do for now :)
I did get a pedicure, Lord know my poor toes needed that!
Oh it was so nice to sit in the massage chair, and get my feet and legs rubbed and have them look pretty too...I need to go back again soon.
I did try a new recipe, we had Chicken Satay, with Saffron Rice, and Roasted Asparagus.
It was so good!
We ate a good bit of junk too, but we are back on track now!
So that was the vacay in a long recap.
I can't wait for the next one!
I had 6 lovely days off, then I went back to work and have to work 6 days in a row!
Oh well...til next time 
X's & O's