Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7

Hay Y'all
Today I am blessed to have a roof over my head.
There have been times in the last few years when we didn't know what was going to happen or where we would land. God has made a way for us and for that we are comforted and blessed beyond our expectations.
Thank you Lord for giving us shelter, cool air in the summer and heat in the winter.
So many do not have even those comforts, I pray for them and I am thankful to you for what we have.

Day 6

Hey Y'all
Today my blessing is being able to read.
I often take for granted what so many are not able to do.
In the store I work in there are 2 men in their early 50's that cannot read.
Well just 2 that I know about...
It breaks my heart.
  They never had anyone in their lives when they were young to teach them.
They went through school and were just pushed along, no one took the time.
 Now they are afraid to even try.
I am so very blessed that I had teachers and parents who took time with me.
My mom and dad instilled in us very early; the love of the written word, for that I will be ever grateful.
I LOVE to read, and thank God there are creative and talented people on this earth that were blessed with the ability to tell a story.
These amazing men and women can take me out of my car, bed, chair etc... and transport me into a world they created, I love it.
I get so wrapped up in a good book I can tune out everything around me, I can see and feel the environment
 they create, The characters sweep me away.

Author J.K.Rowling
Harry Potter made me want to be a child again and see the magic in the world around me.

Author Nancy Atherton
Aunt Dimity makes me want to live in the Cotswold's in Britain

Author Joanne Fluke
Hannah Swensen makes me want to run my own Minnesota!

Author James Patterson
All his leading crime fighters make me want to fight for justice

Author Emily Brightwell
Mrs. Jefferies makes me want to be working in Inspector Whitherspoons home in Victorian England

Authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
The Left Behind series makes me want to bring everyone to the love of Jesus before He returns.

Author Dorothy Gilman
Mrs.Pollifax gives me hope the CIA will hire me in my dotage :)

Author Mignon Ballard
Augusta Goodnight is the Angel I hope to meet in the strawberry fields in Heaven

Debbie Macomber's many, many books make me want to live in every town and to hang out with 3 Angels!

Charlaine Harris
Sookie Stackhouse is a friend I would love to have, I would fight right along with her!
Harper Connely makes me nervous, but I would love to know her.
Lilly Bard is my inspiration! She kicks butt!
Aurora Teagarden is the lady I wish I could be.

These are just a few of the series I love and devour at every chance I get.
Thank you lord for blessing me with sight, comprehension, and an escape into fantasy.

Day 5

Hey Y'all,
Today I am blessed to have great friends in my life.
I have met some wonderful women in the blog world, that have truly blessed my life.
I am almost hesitant to name them, only because I am afraid I will leave someone out, so to name a few, and I am sorry if I miss you, (my 40 year old brain is not as good as my 39 year old brain was...ha ha )

Lucy aka Julie at Ric Rac and Polka Dots
I am so glad to have you in my life.
You always make me smile.

Peg at Peg's Crafting Corner
You are one of the sweetest women I know.

God brought us together when we needed it.
I love you to bits.

Elizabeth at Creative Breathing
Your kindness and creativity blow me away.
I miss ya :)

Angela at Down to the Darling Details.
We met through Sandy at 521 Lake Street's Easter Swap
that was one of the best days, when God made us friends in an instant!
Sandy  is so very creative and a lovely woman, whom I am blessed to call my friend.

Trisha at Glass Slippers and All Sorts of Stuff
We are sisters.
She gets me and I adore her.
Thank you Lord for her in my life!

Marci at Suzy Social Worker By Day... Betty Crocker By Night
She has the sweetest heart and holy cow, have you SEEN what this talented lady can do with a cookie!
One day she will send me some (AHEM HINT HINT...LOL Just kidding)
Marci always keeps up with me and her patience is a trait I wish I possessed.
You are a beautiful soul!

Cristal aka Pinky at Much Ado About Nothing
She is the one who created this
She got me into paper crafts and I WISH more than anything we had spent TONS of time together when she lived down the street from me. Her heart is as big as the world, her strength astounds me and her creativity! WOW. I wish I had just a bit of what she has in talent.
I miss you and I am blessed with so very much  because of you.

Jori at Barn Girl
I LOVE to see the world through her eyes and heart.
One day we will meet and talk for days!
You are a sunshine in my every day!

Tonight the Lord has placed these special women at the forefront of my mind.

There are many more.
Leann, Joyce, Velma, Chris, Tammy, and Marti just to name a few, just visit my sidebar, every blog I have on there has a woman behind it who is a blessing to me. God brought us together for a reason, even if it was just a brief time and I will always value each and every one of you!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Our boy

Hey y'all,
I hope you are well today.
I debated and hemmed and hawed over whether or not to post this, and I decided since my blog is also a kind of journal for me I decided I would.
Day 4: My sweet fur baby is my blessing.
On October 5th we lost our sweet boy. Our puppa Cody.

He was a sweet dog, very much the Alpha Male, Loved Lee more than anything on this earth.
He drove us crazy, loved to play, made us laugh, gave sweet kisses 
and always protected us from any noise :)
He wasn't as social as we would have liked. He liked things just between the 3 of us.
He never bit or snapped at anyone but would bark his fool head off if you came near.
He loved to snuggle on the back of the couch or sitting beside Lee.
He loved to get a treat when he came in form outside.
We now know that some of the treats we fed him may have contributed to the kidney failure that ended his life all too soon. We are not certain, but it seems too coincidental.
We had him cremated, we just could not imagine life with out him in our home.
So we will always have him with us.
He was our boy. He took us from being a couple to being a family.
I miss him so very much every single day.
It is just not the same with out him.
Lee was devastated. He and Cody were together every single day for over 5 years.
I know some people will never understand, and that's ok.
Our grief for him is between Lee and Me.
We loved him like a child.
I miss you Cody.
I'll love you always.
8 years was not long enough.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blessing Day 3

Hey y'all,
well I think I am all caught up. I even have my day 4 blessing done and scheduled to post :P
Today my blessing is Lee.
I think he said he was around 10 years old here.
I love that dimple and smile.

Here he is a couple years ago.
I think this is my favorite photo of him.

My sweet husband can drive me up a wall.
Thinks I am cute when I am mad at him.
Is a redneck.
Annoys me with clutter.
Can be selfish and rude.
Can be silly and sweet.
Is the most loyal man I know.
Stinks at gift giving.
Loves everything I cook.
Loves science fiction.
Hates cheese to touch mustard...weirdo :)
Can procrastinate like a champ...ha ha
Lives in pain everyday.
Holds me in his arms.
Wishes he was a daddy.
Loves being Uncle Lee.
Loves the Lord.
Watches British comedy and dramas with me.
Loves me unconditionally.
He loves me.
I know that, without a shadow of a doubt I know he loves me.
For that and so much more, 
I am blessed beyond measure.
I love you too Lee.

Blessing Day 2

Hey Y'all,

My Blessing today is my job.
Ugh, y'all  have no idea how hard that is to say.
Especially after how bad the last few months have been.
I do not like my job at all so finding the blessing in it is not easy.
God has put me where he wants me so I am trying hard to learn all He has for me there,.
I am blessed to be working, to have an income, and to be able to see, hear, walk and talk to people every day.

I have some catching up to do :)

Hey Y'all,
Well after a heat wave it finally feels like fall again.
I love it.
So I had intended to do 30 days of thankful and I have already missed 2 days, then I decided I would make mine 30 days of Blessings.
I forget sometimes how blessed by my loving Lord I am.

Day 1:
I am Blessed to live in a country that (for now at least) allows us the freedom to practice any religion we chose. I am a  believer in Jesus Christ. I believe he lived and I believe he died for me more than 2000 years ago. I believe he loves everyone of us.  For me it is not really a choice, it is ingrained in my DNA to love Jesus.
Does that make me perfect? NO WAY! I am a miserable sinner that because Jesus died for me is saved by grace. Am I a perfect Christian, unfortunately the answer to that is also No.  I have a quick temper, I gossip way more than I should, I talk too much all too often, I give things to the Lord to handle and I take them back, I am not proud to say in my younger years I have stolen things that I thought I needed, not a lot, and mind you I was young, but a thief none the less, I have told lies, I have been envious of many, I have hated, I have been lustful, and since Lee was not divorced when we dated I am  an adulteress, again nothing to be proud of, I have taken the Lord's name in vain, I rarely keep the Sabbath day Holy and restful.
I cuss like a sailor, I eat too much, I don't tithe like an obedient servant should, I am all too easily offended... y'all I could go on and on, So as I was saying I am a miserable sinner. I know someone is reading this and thinking "I thought I knew her!"
Do I do all that on a daily basis, of course not, but it has all been done, so I have committed these sins.

Well Loving Jesus has also made me compassionate, forgiving, blessed beyond measure, carefree at times,
humbled, graceful, grateful, healed, having the most wonderful parents to honor,
 cared for, a good listener, and above all loved.

Even though at times I have pushed God to the back burner, he has never left me for a second.
He has healed me twice in my life, he has saved me from accidents that there is NO explanation for why they didn't occur when they had no reason at all not too. He has given me comfort when no one on this earth could, he has blessed me with the most amazing family. He has given me more than I deserve.

Losing everything over the past few years was a very humbling time.
I learned to rely on Jesus in a way I never before knew.
I learned to let God help me through others. My mom and dad helped us spiritually and financially.
My local churches  provided us food and Christmas dinner. My family  prayed for us all the time.
I made friends I never thought I would have. I learned to just say Thank You; that I really don't have to do it all myself even though I feel like I do, I learned that sometimes letting someone help you is a blessing to you, but it can also be a blessing to them, sometimes what they need in their life is to help another.

You know confessing all of this is not easy, but little in life is.
It is important to put all this out there so that some one who may stumble here one day and read this will know, even though you have sinned, there is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can do that Jesus won't love you through.
I try and fail daily. I try and succeed daily too.
Jesus makes the failures a lesson to learn from and hopefully not repeated.
Jesus makes the successes' a blessing and lessons learned that may be repeated.
Jesus loves me through it all.
So day 1 my Blessing is being a child of the one true God.
 I am not anywhere near perfect at it, but I am so blessed to be His.