Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blessing Day 3

Hey y'all,
well I think I am all caught up. I even have my day 4 blessing done and scheduled to post :P
Today my blessing is Lee.
I think he said he was around 10 years old here.
I love that dimple and smile.

Here he is a couple years ago.
I think this is my favorite photo of him.

My sweet husband can drive me up a wall.
Thinks I am cute when I am mad at him.
Is a redneck.
Annoys me with clutter.
Can be selfish and rude.
Can be silly and sweet.
Is the most loyal man I know.
Stinks at gift giving.
Loves everything I cook.
Loves science fiction.
Hates cheese to touch mustard...weirdo :)
Can procrastinate like a champ...ha ha
Lives in pain everyday.
Holds me in his arms.
Wishes he was a daddy.
Loves being Uncle Lee.
Loves the Lord.
Watches British comedy and dramas with me.
Loves me unconditionally.
He loves me.
I know that, without a shadow of a doubt I know he loves me.
For that and so much more, 
I am blessed beyond measure.
I love you too Lee.

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  1. truly wonderful... blogging every day about something you are thankful for. :)