Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have some catching up to do :)

Hey Y'all,
Well after a heat wave it finally feels like fall again.
I love it.
So I had intended to do 30 days of thankful and I have already missed 2 days, then I decided I would make mine 30 days of Blessings.
I forget sometimes how blessed by my loving Lord I am.

Day 1:
I am Blessed to live in a country that (for now at least) allows us the freedom to practice any religion we chose. I am a  believer in Jesus Christ. I believe he lived and I believe he died for me more than 2000 years ago. I believe he loves everyone of us.  For me it is not really a choice, it is ingrained in my DNA to love Jesus.
Does that make me perfect? NO WAY! I am a miserable sinner that because Jesus died for me is saved by grace. Am I a perfect Christian, unfortunately the answer to that is also No.  I have a quick temper, I gossip way more than I should, I talk too much all too often, I give things to the Lord to handle and I take them back, I am not proud to say in my younger years I have stolen things that I thought I needed, not a lot, and mind you I was young, but a thief none the less, I have told lies, I have been envious of many, I have hated, I have been lustful, and since Lee was not divorced when we dated I am  an adulteress, again nothing to be proud of, I have taken the Lord's name in vain, I rarely keep the Sabbath day Holy and restful.
I cuss like a sailor, I eat too much, I don't tithe like an obedient servant should, I am all too easily offended... y'all I could go on and on, So as I was saying I am a miserable sinner. I know someone is reading this and thinking "I thought I knew her!"
Do I do all that on a daily basis, of course not, but it has all been done, so I have committed these sins.

Well Loving Jesus has also made me compassionate, forgiving, blessed beyond measure, carefree at times,
humbled, graceful, grateful, healed, having the most wonderful parents to honor,
 cared for, a good listener, and above all loved.

Even though at times I have pushed God to the back burner, he has never left me for a second.
He has healed me twice in my life, he has saved me from accidents that there is NO explanation for why they didn't occur when they had no reason at all not too. He has given me comfort when no one on this earth could, he has blessed me with the most amazing family. He has given me more than I deserve.

Losing everything over the past few years was a very humbling time.
I learned to rely on Jesus in a way I never before knew.
I learned to let God help me through others. My mom and dad helped us spiritually and financially.
My local churches  provided us food and Christmas dinner. My family  prayed for us all the time.
I made friends I never thought I would have. I learned to just say Thank You; that I really don't have to do it all myself even though I feel like I do, I learned that sometimes letting someone help you is a blessing to you, but it can also be a blessing to them, sometimes what they need in their life is to help another.

You know confessing all of this is not easy, but little in life is.
It is important to put all this out there so that some one who may stumble here one day and read this will know, even though you have sinned, there is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can do that Jesus won't love you through.
I try and fail daily. I try and succeed daily too.
Jesus makes the failures a lesson to learn from and hopefully not repeated.
Jesus makes the successes' a blessing and lessons learned that may be repeated.
Jesus loves me through it all.
So day 1 my Blessing is being a child of the one true God.
 I am not anywhere near perfect at it, but I am so blessed to be His.

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