Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Fun Day

Fun In The Hot Hot Sun
                        Shelby in her pretty pink bathing suit
My little diver...Colby
I have to share the story behind these photos...The 4th of July pool party was all planned by my sister and her husband. "Bring a side dish and we have the pool and everything else" Pool? What pool? To our knowledge they didn't have a pool, my bil Steve had purchased a 4 ft above ground pool for this party, try as he might he could not get it to stay up and full! LMBO
It kept collapsing on him! When we all get there it about wading pool height, THAT DIDN'T STOP OUR FAMILY! HA we got wet anyway! Take That Mr.Pool! The pool was being filled with icy cold well water and it felt so good, it was enough to dunk our heads under and swim around a bit, Colby was cracking me up with his snorkel in about 1 foot of water, but he kept it on the entire time. It may not have been full and it may not have been deep but it was cold and we had fun anyway!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

8x8 Swap

Last week I felt like a swap, so I posted one, and I had two lovely Fisk-A-Teers want to participate, Cynthia and Kim. I have finished Cynthia's and I am *almost done with Kim's (*actually they are done, but I am NOT happy with one, so I may redo it...)
Here are the ones I did for Ms. Cynthia G. I hope she likes them, the first one does have pink in to me it qualifies :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Won!

Did you participate in

or visit blogs that did?

Well I did, I saw this little button and it made me smile,
 I LOVE the movie and it has been so HOT snow and Christmas made me feel cooler...kinda.

We had the best hostess in Marcia,
she and I are going to be great friends,

We both feel God has blessed us "meeting" through her blog,

I had a great time visiting the other participants blogs 
Yesterday I found out I was the winner of her Giveaway!

YAY I am so excited!!!

But I feel I have won in more ways than one, as some of you know I have been struggling a great deal with a lot of issues and I have felt...distant...from my God ...and others as well, I have barely been able to pray.
I thank God for those of you that are praying for me, I can not put into words how you bless me.
 I think God led Marcia and I together through this event and she has blessed me greatly with her wonderful spirit and words. I think I can see a glimmer of light at the end of that tunnel.....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mystery Envie Swap

Ms.Tee hosted another fun swap and of course I signed up. One of the rules was to create a project using the items sent and post it, well I finally got around to it! My partner was Kim B she is a great paper crafter and she sent me SO MUCH!!! I made a tag and a card and still have a ton left over.
Here is what she sent
Here is a tag I made using only items she sent me I plan on using it on a layout
Here is a card I made using the goodies she sent and she had a little "card" in the envelope and I used it as the sentiment on the inside of the card

Please ignore chippy nail polish!
I love every bit! Thank You Kim and thank you Tee for hosting a great swap!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey y'all happy Pink Saturday.
It is HOT HOT HOT! Yesterday it got to 114 with 90% humidity, misery is what it was! Is it any wonder I love winter? You can always bundle up and get warmer, but when you are sweating in your birthday suit, you ain't getting no cooler! (that was too country...ha!)
I thought today I would post another of my mini depression glass sets.
This is Mosser Glass set #4, it is a mini cake plate and 4 mini desert plates.
I put just a regular Chips Ahoy cookie on them to give you a better idea of their size. So dainty and sweet!
Oh and I have a SWAP going on check out the post from July 20th for the details. I'd love to have you join in.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas In July!

I was blog hopping around the web and found Marcia's Blog One Heart At Home some time ago, (probably through Pink Saturday). Well she is hosting a Christmas in July party so I thought I would join in. Click on the White Christmas Button on my side bar to see all the fun.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Christmas! My family has great traditions and loads of fun.
My husband's family on the other hand...not so much,so when his brother and niece moved in with us for a while in 2008/2009  it was the first time that he was with any member of his family at Christmas in over 20 years!
 LONG story short we had a great time playing, decorating, and loving Christmas with April (our niece), here are a few photos from that time. One thing I made sure we did was decorate the tree while "A Christmas Story" played in the back ground, we had home made cookies and hot chocolate. I hope she will always remember the Christmas we spent together, I love her and miss her and her daddy so much.

Oh and if you are interested please sign up for my swap!
See the SWAP post from the 20th.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm in the mood for a swap!

How About You? I have never hosted one on my blog, but have done them on message boards in the past. I thought why not! I have some ideas brewing for another swap too. This one I am re-purposing, I have done a few like this before.
Are you up for it? This is a fun swap.
You and your swap partner will exchange 2 photos by email.
You will each design a scrapbook style 8x8 size layout.
You may do 2 layouts OR both photos on 1 layout.
Your choice.
Here is the catch, the only thing you may tell your partner  about the people/place in the photo are their names. That's it no other details.
Here is one I did in the past for Donna she sent me a photo of her and her son, and I did this little Layout

I have done several of these swaps over at Fiskateers Groovy Deb hosted them and it's been a long time since I have done one, I don't do a lot over there anymore, so I thought why not host one here.
So if you are interested just leave a comment here by Sunday the 24th.
Please make sure I have a way to contact you.
I will partner you up on and email each of you as well as post a list here on Monday the 25th.
It is a really simple fun swap.
So will you join me?
If you have ANY questions please ask.
X's & O's,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey there friends, how are you today?
It is a scorcher in Virginia today. Yesterday in Franklin (where I live) we hit 111 and today it's supposed to get around 115 with something like 87% humidity.
We are staying in, I stayed in yesterday too and just vegged out, I didn't do anything but make BLT's for lunch and salads for supper. How are things in your neck of the woods?
I may try to get some crafty time in today, BUT we don't air condition that room right now, so it will have to wait til the sun goes down.
I am feeling out of sorts and still struggling with some bitter ol' demons, so please continue to pray for me, I appreciate it more than words can express.
Grrrrrr....stupid blogger won't let my photo load....AGAIN!.....grrrr

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey Y'all It's another fun day with Beverly!
How are you this Saturday? It is raining and HUMID here...YUCK!
What can ya do, that's life in the summer in the south. STICKY.
I want to share with you a package of Happy Mail that was in my mailbox yesterday. The marvelous Tee sent me a load of love and I do love every bit!
Goodies!! Yummy smelling soap, bits and bobs for creativity, and AWESOME tag and a fancied up envelope to boot!
Front cover of mini-book, love the polka dots!
Inside front cover what a pretty face she has.
Inside back cover the tags were in the little pocket.
Back cover.
Tee you are so creative and I love it all.
You have no idea how perfect this book is for me :)
You made my day.

**On a side note friends, if you could say a prayer for me I'd appreciate it, I know God hears prayers and He knows what I am struggling with.
Thanks :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I just felt like scrapping today and decided I'd do a scrapbook page of my grandparents house, I used my new Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch that I won in a RAK from Christine, I love the look it gives, I also used some of the papers and rub-ons I got from Aymee and a tag I got in a swap from Donna.
I wanted a simple red and blue design and I just used basic white card stock so I could make the colors stand out. Simple, but I like the way it looks.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ho Hum

Not much going on here in Virginia today.
How are things with you?
It is muggy and HOT! I am such a winter person! October can't get here fast enough for me, that first morning with a nip in the air is my Cream of Wheat morning :) I can't eat hot cereal in the summer! CRAZY. Lee doesn't understand seasonal eating, he gives me a hard time about it every summer. He wants Beef Stroganoff me that is a stick to your ribs comfy fall/winter food.

photo from Food Network website
I will make it for him, it's easy, and yummy but too much for JULY,  I'd rather have shrimp and salad.
How about you, do you have seasonal favorites?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

For pitty's sake I could not get the photo I wanted to load!
Oh well.
         Happy 4th of July!

I hope you and yours have a great day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey y'all Happy 4th of July. I thought for my post today I'd share some family pick of last years 4th celebration, we had a great time at mom and dad's we had a cook out played croquet and had our own fireworks courtesy of my dad. (Colby kept saying...Papa's gonna blow himself up and then he'd laugh!)
 Laura and Patrick (Colby is on Patrick's back upside down giving Patrick a wedgie)

 Shelby's new hair cut, Aunt B cut her hair earlier that day
                             Papa and Colby deep in conversation
                          Our personal fireworks show
This year we are going over to my sisters for a cookout. Have a safe and Happy 4th and I'll see ya next week.