Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pink Saturday Giveaway :)

Hey Y'all!
Well I would have posted this earlier, but we had a horrible storm last night and we lost power.
Tonight we are supposed to have the same storm again! Last night was so hot we hit 122 degrees (with the heat index) yesterday! UGH! For those of you who know me well, you know that is sheer torture for me. I am such a happier person in winter :)
So pinkies how have you been?
This week has been so busy and I am wiped out.
Thank You sweet Beverly for hosting us again.
I didn't prepare very well for this weeks Pink I took a photo of my give away goodies on my Hot Pink beach
Hey it works for me today!
So without further ado I have a little gift for 3 lovely readers.
Each will receive this...
In celebration of summer and to share a bit of my trip to NC with y'all I have a box of Saltwater Taffy and a flip flop auto coaster (I LOVE Mine!)
So to enter just leave me a comment here.
That's it, no hoops.
Just jot me a note on any post this week and I will  draw 3 names next Pink Saturday.

PS some wonderful news to share...Lee got approved for disability. Thank You for your prayers!!!
LOVE Jenny and Lee

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Y'all :)

Hey Y'all I had a GREAT time over the weekend! You know my sisters and my cousin are my very best friends so the weekend spent with them was just what I needed.
I only have a few photos to share, Beth and Leigh have the rest, so hopefully I can share a few more when I get theirs. I was having too much fun to think of using my camera much.
So the weekend started on Friday with a hurricane! not really but the wind and rain were so bad it may as well have been one! So we left Chesapeake, Va and headed for Plymouth, North Carolina.
Leigh greeted us with a gift we each got a wine glass she picked especially for us :)
                                                Here is mine....PERFECT!
Then we opened a bottle of Duplin's Brice's Creek it's a sweet table wine.
All their wines are made form the yummiest grapes.
Their flavor reminds me of eating grapes off the vine in my parents back yard! They had a concord 
and  a Scuppernog vine and we would sit in the vine arbor and gorge ourselves on grapes...
so yummy and so much fun.
.....and the evening began.
Green Wine? YEP
Have you ever had a Winearita?
Duplin sells the sets they call them Sweetzers the one we had that night is the Margarita mix blended with their Carlos wine...IT IS SO GOOD! We drank the entire contents of the blender!
HMMMM I think I need another!



This is us after lunch at the winery Bistro all the food was so good!
I had a Muscadine Orange Poppy seed salad dressing that is the best dressing I have had in forever, they sell it there, I wish I had bought a trip :)

This is Beth after the scavenger hunt and dinner on the river front.
She HATES to have her photo taken and was telling me no as I snapped this
Laura after the hunt and dinner :)
We were at the Federal Building on the river front in Wilmington, NC
There is a beautiful fountain there.
This is on the Cape Fear River. BEAUTIFUL!
It is a great downtown area, if you get a chance to visit there you will love it!

Leigh at the fountain after the hunt and a good dinner.

Ok so more photos to come...stay tuned.
Check back this weekend for a little give away I will be hosting!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Duplin Bound!

I am so excited we are having a girls weekend starting tomorrow as soon as I can get off work and to my sister's house!
We are going to Duplin Winery to do this...

Wilmington Scavenger Hunt for Heritage

This is our second annual Heritage Hunt!

Give us a call and book your space today for this fantastic event. 

When:  June 23, 4pm - until
Last year, the Heritage Hunt was in our state's capital city.  This year, we are hosting the event in Wilmington!

This is an exclusive Heritage-member-only event and presents an opportunity to meet fellow members, have a great time searching for items on the 'Duplin Heritage Map,' and have a unique dining experience with your Duplin family.

We look forward to having you!  Give us a call 800.774.9634, send an email (to or or purchaseonline

At $15 per person, this event is truly something special and a wonderful time with friends.

Follow the clues given and you may have to take a picture with something/someone/ or a major city landmark. Other clues may lead you to pick something up and bring with you as “proof” you solved the clue. After an hour hunt in Downtown Wilmington, enjoy a Dutch treat dinner at a local Wilmington Restaurant. (Restaurant TBD)

Monday, June 18, 2012

June Creativity

Hey Y'all! It feels like forever since I have had a post!
 So let me catch you up on June...

Here is an easel card I made for a friend...
These are so easy, I don't know why I don't make more of them.

Here is my tag for the Tag-A-Month swap at The Altered Paper I went with the summer theme this month.

And Finally the tags I made for the Creative Breathing Lunch Box Social Tag Swap
I used the same basic features, I just used 3 different back ground papers, and in sticking with the lunch box theme,  to package them I wrapped them in wax paper and tied them with twine, which I forgot to take a photo of...oh well :)

So that is what I have done so far this month...what have you been up to?

PS...please keep my friend Paula in your prayers, about a month ago she had a cold she could not shake, today I found out she is under hospice care with stage 4 Liver Cancer...this has happened so fast, I mean the last 18 days fast! She believes in Jesus, so I ask that you pray for her comfort and for her family....makes my bits of paper seem so frivolous.
Love y'all and I hope you are happy and well today.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Friendship

Hey Y'all!
I tell ya, blogging has been a great gift to me. It has brought to me the most precious gift.
The gift of Friendship.
I have "met" so many wonderful women who enrich my life.
By simply being YOU!
I LOVE, Love, Love swapping with you.
I LOVE reading of your home, family and travel adventures, seeing the creativity that flows through you, and of course...being GREEN with envy at all the wonderful creations your hands and minds produce....teehee.
Your Faith sustains me.
I have had a rough couple of weeks and this week that most precious gift presented itself to me.
The most lovely, dear, sweet, faithful, kind Marcia sent me a little note and a precious tag.
Not having a clue of how I needed it.
We met almost one year ago during her "White Christmas In July" blog party.
What a blessing her friendship has been.
Knowing that I am though of and prayed for...the's hard to put into words...
It soothes my soul and fills my heart.
I found her blog at Pink Saturday.
So it's only fitting that I share this sweet bit of Pink there today.
Thank you Marcia, I love you LOADS!