Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Past...

Hey Y'all,
How are you today?
The weather is lovely her in Va. today.
Lee is doing well and I am home sick with tonsillitis.
40 years old and have a kids ailment...sheesh.
Oh well, life goes on.
I just have to stay home and on antibiotics 24 hours then I can go back to work...yipee (insert sarcasm)
I just need to be all better by Thursday. Beth and I have a funny costume all set for Halloween.
I am looking forward to it too.
Do you dress up?  I haven't  in years. I did find a couple photos from when I was a kid.
What was your favorite costume ever?
I think mine was a clown costume my Mom and Aunt Bonnie made.
When I think of all the years and all the different costumes, this is the one that always springs to mind.
                                                    Halloween 1982
The costume was hand made every bit. My wig was yarn, the had was poster board with fabric patches glued onto it and a yarn pom pom on the top.
The collar had jingle bells and was a separate piece;  the make up was done at home too.
My parents always made every holiday special and Halloween was no different.
We always looked forward to it and always had a blast.
When I was very young we used to have Spaghetti with my moms homemade sauce for dinner before we went out to trick or treat.
Later we had (and still do to this day) 
Tijuana Train Wreck
What is that you ask?
It's the name the recipe came with when my mom found it.
It's your basic taco salad with Doritos instead of a tortilla shell or chips.
That tradition has continued and we have it every year at Joanne and Jays before we
 trick or treat with the kids.
I was a queen and Laura a very sad clown...
This one just makes me laugh.
I wish y'all a very safe and Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good Gracious!

Where does the time go?
This is honestly the first time in almost 3 months I have even opened my laptop! YIKES!
I feel so neglectful of all my friends blogs as well as my own. Please forgive me.
we have had quite a bit going on here at home, I won't bore you with the mundane details, you all know how it is. Work has been a bit crazy for me this past month, but hopefully I can make it to January and then I can relax. CHRISTMAS is just around the corner again already, can you believe it and Thanksgiving being so late in the month this year is going to make the Christmas season fly by in a flash.
Ok enough with all that I have to tell y'all something very important...SHE'S HERE!!!
My Dew Drop arrived on Oct.4th after putting her amazing mama through 39 yes you read it correctly 39 hours of labor! I'll just share a few photos now, and I'll save more for later; and I promise to be by each of your blogs to catch up very soon.
The most beautiful baby!
Darby Elizabeth
My Dewdrop!
Her very exhausted, but amazing and wonderful mama
My sister Laura!
She was so tired, but honestly just glowed!
Her Daddy Patrick.
He is totally in love, can't you see it on his face.
Me and my baby Dew!
Wrapped around Aunt Jenny's finger already!
Love! Love! Love!