Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winner Winner Read all about it!

Hey Y'all
How are ya?
So with out further ado...
The winner of the autographed copy of Joanne Fluke's Red Velvet Cupcake Murder....

So I have about a million cupcake liners so I used them to write all the entrants name's on...
put them in my favorite mixing bowl 
Had Lee pick a liner out of the bowl 
Congratulations Mitzi
look for an email from me.
Thank you to all of you who commented.
You are all so special to me, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
X's & O's

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Surprise Party

Hey Y'all,
Well it is 88 degrees here in Va. today so you know what that means...the A.C. is on already.
I hate to be
So in my effort to continue to catch up since I have been gone I wanted to share with ya what my family did.
I have told you before I have the best family! I love them all so very much!

On my Birthday Feb.24 were were told to be at my mom and dad's church for a special ceremony for my dad.
It was a Hoax!
Well when we got there we were blown away by a Surprise Birthday Party for my 40th  and Lee's 50th!

Joanne made the "Over the Hill" cake and cupcakes

Lee...well nuff

my other Leigh


My Aunt Bonnie Love her ...we are a lot alike :)

Shelby and Layden
See the vases on the table...Laura made those from photos of me and Lee over the years
LOVE THEM! We have them on a table in the living room now.

Jay, Joanne, Amanda and Shelby

My cousin Todd who is the most talented musician on the planet!

James looks thrilled lol

Colby loved the "walker"
All photo's except for the last one were taken by Colby :)
Thanks Squirt for taking the photos of our party.

 Y'all we had no idea they were planning a party.
All of the immediate family attended as well as our friend Danny and his wife Kathy.
There was a ton of food and every bit was delicious.
My sisters and mom know how to spread a table!
Beth was the one who organized everything and everyone had a part in it.
We felt so special and so loved.
It is a memory we will cherish forever.
I am blessed beyond what I deserve.
Thank You Lord for my family and friends.

Oh and don't forget to leave a comment on this post  by April 20th for a chance
 to win Joanne Fluke's book....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I have returned with a gift for you!

Hey Y'all,
Did ya miss me, I sure missed you :)
Training was great and I made a bunch of new friends! It is so nice to have peers to count on that are all in the same boat.
I miss hanging out with all of them. 25 of us all together these 3 I will be friends will forever.
The 4 trouble makers ha ha ha (not really)
Left to right
Desirae, Marie, Me, and Lisa
Love my girls!
We bonded so quickly. 
We had so much fun. I went out all but 2 nights the whole month, dinners, movies, bowling, shopping, just having a great time.
I have so much to catch y'all up on but let me start off today with this.
Remember way back in February I told you about the Red Velvet Cupcake Murder by Joanne Fluke.
She used my recipe and name in her book. WELL while I was in Richmond she did her first East Coast book tour and one of her stops was March 19th (Lee's 50th Birthday too ) a mere 25 minutes from me!
Guess where me happy tail went that night...downtown Richmond to the Fountain Bookstore in
Shockoe Slip, where I got to meet Joanne. It was a wonderful night, and yes there were Red Velvet Cupcakes there
She is perfectly lovely!
See that book in front of her???
She autographed it just for one of you!
Would you like win this special copy?

Here are the details...
Leave a comment on this post.
That's it.
No hoops to jump through
No crazy rules
Just leave a comment on April 20th I will reveal the winner.
Good Luck and thanks for stopping by, I know it has been FOREVER!
Love ya!