Saturday, April 20, 2013

Winner Winner Read all about it!

Hey Y'all
How are ya?
So with out further ado...
The winner of the autographed copy of Joanne Fluke's Red Velvet Cupcake Murder....

So I have about a million cupcake liners so I used them to write all the entrants name's on...
put them in my favorite mixing bowl 
Had Lee pick a liner out of the bowl 
Congratulations Mitzi
look for an email from me.
Thank you to all of you who commented.
You are all so special to me, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.
X's & O's


  1. I'm so excited!!! I've never won anything and being an avid book lover/collector; I couldn't be happier that this is my first win. Can't wait to dive deep into the story. Thanks a million.

  2. Congrats Mitzi!!! And if that isn't the cutest way ever to pick a winner! Those cupcake liners are so fun!

    1. Thanks Marci! I'm so very excited and I agree that is a cool way to pick a winner!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm feeling so lucky Cindy. Can't wait for my special delivery.