Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I am feeling close to God.
I got off work a bit early this morning and on my way home I noticed the horizon getting lighter, so I went to a quiet spot that faces east and talked to God on the steps of my neighborhood church.
I thanked God for giving me eyes to see the rising sun and ears that hear the birds singing and skin to feel the cool breeze blowing, I thanked Him for friends old and new, prayed for some in need of healing,thanked Him for my family and asked His blessing to pour over them. I asked questions I didn't get any answers too, but was reminded in His time...not mine. Sang a chorus of a praise song, since that was all I could remember of it,  but praised God none the less.
And I felt at peace. We have such turmoil over things going on in our life but for a few quiet minutes I felt calm and of course tears just flowed (for those of you who don't know yet...I am a I cry all the time.) not bawling or anything, just feeling the Holy Spirit filling me;  so gentle tears of love and joy flowed.
I Know, He is in control.
                                                        image found on internet search

I hope and pray you are feeling Him close to you today.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink Saturday

                                                            my pretty hankies that were my grandma's

Happy Pink Saturday Ladies.
This morning I have my femininity on my mind.
See I rarely feel pretty or feminine. I usually feel like a bull in a china shop!
I never have felt soft and demure. Do you know what I mean?
I have been trying for years to feel feminine. I used to be able to get regular manicures and pedicures, and to get my hair done...those were the days...those days when I left the nail/hair shop I felt soft and girly...oh well, now I have to do my own at home. So not the same though.
But when I use (and YES I do use them) these hankies that belonged to my grandma;  I do for a little bit feel dainty (which I am so not). My hands feel softer holding one.

The one above is my favorite, I don't use this one as much, but I love the softness of it .
I have no idea how long Grandma had them or where they came from, but they remind me of her and of a more feminine time. My grandma was all lady and even though I never saw her wear any make up other than lipstick (always some shade of Pink) her nails were long and Never painted not even clear coat; and my sisters and I used to "file" them for her. We probably tore them up but she always let us. She got a perm every couple of months and when it started to fall out she would roll her hair in ringlets and bobby pin them before bed. She only wore dresses/skirts on special occasions the rest of the time pants or shorts.
But to me she was always "soft and feminine.

This one is the one I use the most it. is tear stained and has makeup on it and needs to be laundered!
I cry almost every time I go to church (I'm a sap and the Spirit moves me) so this one is always handy in my purse.
I am glad I have these pretty girly hankies.
They make me feel pretty.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Pay It Forward

image from google
Have you seen the movie?
Do you know what the concept is?
In the movie the idea is that is 1 person  does a random act of kindness for 3 people and each of those 3 do the same and each of those 3 do the same......the end result is that through these gestures 1 person can change the world.
Just by doing something kind for someone else.
It doesn't have to be big or grand, it can be holding a door open or helping put groceries in a car or buying a cup of coffee for a stranger.
Or if you are able it can be paying a bill for some one you know is struggling or leaving a bag of groceries for a family in need or cooking a  meal for a friend.
You get the idea.
Cricket over at Gypsea Nurse posted about Paying it Forward on her blog a week or so ago and it reminded me how much this movie affected me at the time.
I want that feeling back.
I wasn't one of the first 5 to post on her blog, however I really wanted to do this.
So following Ms.Cricket's lead the first 5 people who post a comment will get a handmade card from me to send/give to some one. You may request the type of card you would like
Birthday,Get Well,Thinking of You,etc...
Please leave a way for me to contact you for your address.
Then Pay It Forward however you wish....



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
I am missing my grandma today so I thought I would post about her. She was my dad's mom.
Her name was Betty Jean but almost everyone called her Jean or Betty Jean I don't recall anyone ever calling her Betty. Her cousin Marion called her "Bett's" but that is as close as I ever heard to just Betty.
She passed away in Sept. 2005, I miss her something awful. I am a lot like her in some ways and not at all like her in others.
She left me her diamond engagement ring, my grandaddy gave it to me the day after her burial. I cried a river! I just wish my hands were smaller and I could wear it.

                                                                                              Grandma and Grandaddy
Grandaddy passed away almost 3 years ago next month. His name was James, no one ever called him that, he was Jimmy. It suited him. He missed her everyday they were apart.
Layout I did a few years ago.
After he passed my dad and aunt let us go through their house and we grand kids could have anything of theirs we wanted, I chose this set of Easter eggs grandma made,

 among other things and I love them. Grandma took ceramic's classes in the 80's and this set is from one of those classes. I love the aqua with pink polka dots on the top; that one is my favorite.
The yellow depression glass plate they are on came from her house too.
She loved holidays and I think she would be happy I have shared this with you. She would have loved to see all the Pink Saturday blogs and see all the creativity here.
Thanks for stopping in and meeting her.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What are you reading?

So what books are you reading now?
I went to the library today and checked out a few
 "Angel Fire" by Ron Franscell, "The Book Of Tomorrow" by Cecelia Ahern, and "Emily and Einstein" by Linda Francis Lee all 3 are fiction novels; and I am reading Joyce Meyers "eat the the shoes" I bought it for my mom last year as she loves Joyce and she loaned it to me, I read books like that in short bursts, they inspire/teach me more that way.
I LOVE to read, I am a voracious reader. Mostly fiction, but sprinkled with biographies.
I read every night, My mom remembers when I was in 1st grade how I would want to read to her after school everyday. I think I fell in love with reading when I was about 8, see we had a BEDTIME (unheard of these days) even in summer WHILE IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUT! (Talk about torture!!!!!) so my mom told me I had to go to bed and stay there, but I didn't have to go to sleep; I could read. That opened up a  whole new world. I started with Judy Bloom and Beverly Cleary then Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys appeared....thus began my love affair. Now I can't sleep unless I read at least a few pages every night.
My nephew Colby is in 1st grade now and last week we read a book together at bedtime and  for the first time he wanted to read it to me. I love that!
So what are you reading?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey y'all, how are you on this fine Pink Saturday? Things here are going...well they are going.
I finally got a chance to use this beautiful tea cup today. Last month I was a participant in the Tea Cup swap at Faith, Hope and Cherry Tea my swap partner the very lovely Lady Estelle sent me this Bavarian Cup that was part of a collection she had from her grandmother. This morning when I got home from work it was cold in the house and I needed to relax, so I brewed a pot of English Breakfast tea and used my delicate new cup. It was the perfect way to unwind.
Thank you Lady Estelle, you made me feel very feminine today.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Living life

 It has been a long 6 day stretch at work. I work at the "Worlds largest retailer" as a Customer Service Manager. I went from working days for almost 2 years to working overnight,  all in 6 days. I am now working 10pm to 7am. It is gonna take some getting used to.Nights are much more quiet.
It's not completely foreign to me it's the shift I started  out on, I just have to re-adjust. Easier said than done. So now I will be living like a vampire...teehee.. up all night ..sleep all day.

My sisters and I are getting together tomorrow night to go over bridal shower plans, I am gonna have to do some more blogging to find some great ideas to share.
Beth and Amanda making decisions... (we did not end up with this style)

My baby nephew Layden is doing much better thank you for your prayers.
Laura and Layden
This photo was taken before he got sick, but he is doing well.
Time to go blog hopping to find some new ideas.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

June 18th

Laura and Patrick
Ladies I am gonna need some help.
My sister is getting married.
To a man we could have hand picked for her.
They really are two peas in a pod.
He loves her.
She loves him.
We are so happy for them both!
So here is what we need.
We need some really cool,non traditional bridal shower ideas.
I am doing the dessert table and I am going to do a (very popular) candy  shop theme for it.
I need ideas for decorating it.
Her colors are rose pink and pistachio green.

                                                              image from google
image from google

AND I need a game, I don't want to do the same old boring stuff.
I have looked at so many blogs and at so many ideas now I am overwhelmed.
So what do you love or hate about bridal showers?
How many games are too many?
What foods do you like to have at a shower?
We want to make this very special for her.
She is the last of the 5 of us to get married.
We are doing the shower in April and we are doing it at a church hall.
So what do you suggest?