Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I am feeling close to God.
I got off work a bit early this morning and on my way home I noticed the horizon getting lighter, so I went to a quiet spot that faces east and talked to God on the steps of my neighborhood church.
I thanked God for giving me eyes to see the rising sun and ears that hear the birds singing and skin to feel the cool breeze blowing, I thanked Him for friends old and new, prayed for some in need of healing,thanked Him for my family and asked His blessing to pour over them. I asked questions I didn't get any answers too, but was reminded in His time...not mine. Sang a chorus of a praise song, since that was all I could remember of it,  but praised God none the less.
And I felt at peace. We have such turmoil over things going on in our life but for a few quiet minutes I felt calm and of course tears just flowed (for those of you who don't know yet...I am a I cry all the time.) not bawling or anything, just feeling the Holy Spirit filling me;  so gentle tears of love and joy flowed.
I Know, He is in control.
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I hope and pray you are feeling Him close to you today.

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