Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
I am missing my grandma today so I thought I would post about her. She was my dad's mom.
Her name was Betty Jean but almost everyone called her Jean or Betty Jean I don't recall anyone ever calling her Betty. Her cousin Marion called her "Bett's" but that is as close as I ever heard to just Betty.
She passed away in Sept. 2005, I miss her something awful. I am a lot like her in some ways and not at all like her in others.
She left me her diamond engagement ring, my grandaddy gave it to me the day after her burial. I cried a river! I just wish my hands were smaller and I could wear it.

                                                                                              Grandma and Grandaddy
Grandaddy passed away almost 3 years ago next month. His name was James, no one ever called him that, he was Jimmy. It suited him. He missed her everyday they were apart.
Layout I did a few years ago.
After he passed my dad and aunt let us go through their house and we grand kids could have anything of theirs we wanted, I chose this set of Easter eggs grandma made,

 among other things and I love them. Grandma took ceramic's classes in the 80's and this set is from one of those classes. I love the aqua with pink polka dots on the top; that one is my favorite.
The yellow depression glass plate they are on came from her house too.
She loved holidays and I think she would be happy I have shared this with you. She would have loved to see all the Pink Saturday blogs and see all the creativity here.
Thanks for stopping in and meeting her.


  1. Hi Jenny, oh your grandma was such a beauty, and grandpa a handsome man...and love the eggs, what a treasure to have! Great memories for you!

    Have a great day


  2. Hi Jenny!

    From one heart to another, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandma. I know that must be very hard for you and I am so sorry. I still have my grandma and I cherish her. She helped raise me and I love her so much. Your grandparents sound like really sweet people! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Blessings to you!
    Love Tammy

  3. I miss my nana (my dad's mom) too! She was the one person who always made me feel beautiful, worthy and so very loved. She is always missed & I think of her often.
    I love old photos - classy and elegant!
    BTW I LOVE that chickie clip art. SO CUTE!!

  4. I'm visiting from Pink Saturday, and I just want to say that I understand a great love for a grandmother. I felt the same way about mine. She's been gone for nearly thirty years now. I honestly hadn't realized that it was that long until typing it out.

    What treasures you have from yours. Not only do you have her cherished engagement ring, but you have something that she made with her very own hands.

    Quite blessed, you are.

  5. Love your treasures Grammy...I feel the love for your Grandparents! Hugs!