Thursday, March 3, 2011

June 18th

Laura and Patrick
Ladies I am gonna need some help.
My sister is getting married.
To a man we could have hand picked for her.
They really are two peas in a pod.
He loves her.
She loves him.
We are so happy for them both!
So here is what we need.
We need some really cool,non traditional bridal shower ideas.
I am doing the dessert table and I am going to do a (very popular) candy  shop theme for it.
I need ideas for decorating it.
Her colors are rose pink and pistachio green.

                                                              image from google
image from google

AND I need a game, I don't want to do the same old boring stuff.
I have looked at so many blogs and at so many ideas now I am overwhelmed.
So what do you love or hate about bridal showers?
How many games are too many?
What foods do you like to have at a shower?
We want to make this very special for her.
She is the last of the 5 of us to get married.
We are doing the shower in April and we are doing it at a church hall.
So what do you suggest?


  1. Thank you for visiting and entering my give away. I would appreciate having you come back and follow me. Good luck in the giveaway.
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  2. Wish them all the best. And Congratulations in advance regarding with bridal shower, maybe a gathering some friends and cooking the dinner together would be a nice idea, im not sure though because when I got married I don't have a bridal shower hehehe. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Congratulations to your sister! How exciting!
    Pink and Pistachio Green look fabulous together and they couldn't be more Spring like.
    I love this combination of colours.

    My suggestion for you is to make a bridal shower for her with what she likes.

    If you have a garden you can do many things with flowers. And a church hall is great!

    I don't particularly care for games, I would rather get creative on a project with the guests as a group and with the new bride. This will bring those who do not know each other or who haven't seen each other for sometime in a very informal way. Easy...

    As I want to leave space for other visitors, you are very welcome to email me.
    I keep numerous tutorials on my blog and also have ideas on my online portfolio.
    I could direct you there.

    ~ Gabriela ~