Monday, March 7, 2011

Living life

 It has been a long 6 day stretch at work. I work at the "Worlds largest retailer" as a Customer Service Manager. I went from working days for almost 2 years to working overnight,  all in 6 days. I am now working 10pm to 7am. It is gonna take some getting used to.Nights are much more quiet.
It's not completely foreign to me it's the shift I started  out on, I just have to re-adjust. Easier said than done. So now I will be living like a vampire...teehee.. up all night ..sleep all day.

My sisters and I are getting together tomorrow night to go over bridal shower plans, I am gonna have to do some more blogging to find some great ideas to share.
Beth and Amanda making decisions... (we did not end up with this style)

My baby nephew Layden is doing much better thank you for your prayers.
Laura and Layden
This photo was taken before he got sick, but he is doing well.
Time to go blog hopping to find some new ideas.


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