Monday, June 18, 2012

June Creativity

Hey Y'all! It feels like forever since I have had a post!
 So let me catch you up on June...

Here is an easel card I made for a friend...
These are so easy, I don't know why I don't make more of them.

Here is my tag for the Tag-A-Month swap at The Altered Paper I went with the summer theme this month.

And Finally the tags I made for the Creative Breathing Lunch Box Social Tag Swap
I used the same basic features, I just used 3 different back ground papers, and in sticking with the lunch box theme,  to package them I wrapped them in wax paper and tied them with twine, which I forgot to take a photo of...oh well :)

So that is what I have done so far this month...what have you been up to?

PS...please keep my friend Paula in your prayers, about a month ago she had a cold she could not shake, today I found out she is under hospice care with stage 4 Liver Cancer...this has happened so fast, I mean the last 18 days fast! She believes in Jesus, so I ask that you pray for her comfort and for her family....makes my bits of paper seem so frivolous.
Love y'all and I hope you are happy and well today.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your certainly does put things into perspective. Your cards and tags are so cute and you've done a lovely job. I can't wait to get one of you boxlunch tags! =D

  2. Oh my goodness, Jenny. I will most certainly pray for your friend, Paula. Please don't hesitate to email me with prayer requests. Peace to all of you, my friend.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, sending prayers and good thoughts. You tags are lovely!!


  4. Praying for your friend...not nice to hear when these things happen....
    Such a lovely, feel good blog your is!
    I do hope you visit my country sometime...give me a shout and I'll happily help you arange a great visit.

  5. Hi! I just popped in to say howdy! I got the Box Lunch Social tags today too. I love that little graphic and remember 'giving a buck' on my trike which had stirrups instead of a platform in the back! It was a Western model with a horse 'hood ornament' on it and a little surrey it could pull!


  6. The tags with the boy/ girl on the bike are making my heart melt! So.cute!!