Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Y'all :)

Hey Y'all I had a GREAT time over the weekend! You know my sisters and my cousin are my very best friends so the weekend spent with them was just what I needed.
I only have a few photos to share, Beth and Leigh have the rest, so hopefully I can share a few more when I get theirs. I was having too much fun to think of using my camera much.
So the weekend started on Friday with a hurricane!...lol not really but the wind and rain were so bad it may as well have been one! So we left Chesapeake, Va and headed for Plymouth, North Carolina.
Leigh greeted us with a gift we each got a wine glass she picked especially for us :)
                                                Here is mine....PERFECT!
Then we opened a bottle of Duplin's Brice's Creek it's a sweet table wine.
All their wines are made form the yummiest grapes.
Their flavor reminds me of eating grapes off the vine in my parents back yard! They had a concord 
and  a Scuppernog vine and we would sit in the vine arbor and gorge ourselves on grapes...
so yummy and so much fun.
.....and the evening began.
Green Wine? YEP
Have you ever had a Winearita?
Duplin sells the sets they call them Sweetzers the one we had that night is the Margarita mix blended with their Carlos wine...IT IS SO GOOD! We drank the entire contents of the blender!
HMMMM I think I need another!



This is us after lunch at the winery Bistro all the food was so good!
I had a Muscadine Orange Poppy seed salad dressing that is the best dressing I have had in forever, they sell it there, I wish I had bought a bottle...next trip :)

This is Beth after the scavenger hunt and dinner on the river front.
She HATES to have her photo taken and was telling me no as I snapped this one...lol
Laura after the hunt and dinner :)
We were at the Federal Building on the river front in Wilmington, NC
There is a beautiful fountain there.
This is on the Cape Fear River. BEAUTIFUL!
It is a great downtown area, if you get a chance to visit there you will love it!

Leigh at the fountain after the hunt and a good dinner.

Ok so more photos to come...stay tuned.
Check back this weekend for a little give away I will be hosting!


  1. Fun stuff! How great to have sisters and a cousin be your BFFS! I think you all look so pretty!

  2. Jenny,
    I get my October Afternoon paper from a place called "Stop and Scrap" or "Two Peas in a Bucket", you can look on Ebay or Amazon.com too....I am so sorry you can't get it locally, but it is the best!!!! Sandy

  3. Oh wow, I hope you had the best time--it looks SO fun!!! And what great pics--you all look beautiful!!!

  4. How cute is that?! LOVE your glass! Cheers:)


  5. So fun, Jenny. I'd never tried a Winearita before, but my favorite drink is a Margarita, so I'm sure I would love it. Looks like you guys had a blast. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics.


  6. Oh my gosh Ethel, it looks like you had so much fun. I'm so happy for you. And oh my, love the wineglass! I want to thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog, you are such a good friend. I haven't been on blogland much in the last month or two so I have missed out on lots. I'm curious to see what it is you are up to lately, hmmmmmm. Are you planting grapes and bottling your own wine? :)
    Love ya,