Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas In July!

I was blog hopping around the web and found Marcia's Blog One Heart At Home some time ago, (probably through Pink Saturday). Well she is hosting a Christmas in July party so I thought I would join in. Click on the White Christmas Button on my side bar to see all the fun.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Christmas! My family has great traditions and loads of fun.
My husband's family on the other hand...not so much,so when his brother and niece moved in with us for a while in 2008/2009  it was the first time that he was with any member of his family at Christmas in over 20 years!
 LONG story short we had a great time playing, decorating, and loving Christmas with April (our niece), here are a few photos from that time. One thing I made sure we did was decorate the tree while "A Christmas Story" played in the back ground, we had home made cookies and hot chocolate. I hope she will always remember the Christmas we spent together, I love her and miss her and her daddy so much.

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See the SWAP post from the 20th.


  1. Oh, Jenny, what a special Christmas that must have been for all of you, especially for April. It warmed my heart to read this and to see that you made it so special for everyone with all those details. What a wonderful idea to decorate the tree with "A Christmas Story" playing in the background. I love it and I'm so taking it with me. ;)

    Thank you for participating, my dear. You're a doll...a Christmas doll. Muah!