Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pink Saturday

Hey y'all happy Pink Saturday.
It is HOT HOT HOT! Yesterday it got to 114 with 90% humidity, misery is what it was! Is it any wonder I love winter? You can always bundle up and get warmer, but when you are sweating in your birthday suit, you ain't getting no cooler! (that was too country...ha!)
I thought today I would post another of my mini depression glass sets.
This is Mosser Glass set #4, it is a mini cake plate and 4 mini desert plates.
I put just a regular Chips Ahoy cookie on them to give you a better idea of their size. So dainty and sweet!
Oh and I have a SWAP going on check out the post from July 20th for the details. I'd love to have you join in.


  1. hi Jenny, I love your pretty pink depression glass set, perfect for pink Saturday. Boy its hot here to, and been lucky to get a few rain showers to help cool down, but then we have to deal with the high humidity. At least were not in the triple digits this week. Pretty flowers and pitcher on the table. Thanks for sharing and hope your weekend is great.

    The French Hutch

  2. Hi Jenny, Thanks for visiting and your comment. Your pink dishes are beautiful. Yes, it is hot too hot but then it is summer and I do not like winter. Try to stay cool. Linda

  3. Those are such pretty, dainty, pink plates, Jenny. I'm sorry it's been so terribly hot and humid in the East lately. We watched a baseball game on tv last night that was played in Philly and the pitcher was drenched in sweat :( Saying prayers for the animals and people to be cool enough ~

  4. I was over on another Pink blog and saw your comment, thought I'd break rank and jump over here to say hi. In your comment on that site you mentioned your cousin finishing chemo and a friend in remission. Makes the heat seem not so hot. It has been hot here. I can imagine the humidity over in Virginia. My folks lived there a long time ago and I hear it's beautiful but humid at times. I'm more of a winter person, I love sweaters, layers and all. Too hot for even the winters here most of the time. Oh well. Take care. Hugs, Jenn

  5. JENNY!! Are we twins? I live in New Jersy, but we have the exact same weather!! ANd, I HATE summer!! It is too darn hot!! I LOVE winter too!! Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but I always say the same thing you do!! You can get warmer in winter, but it is really hard too cool off in summer!
    AND, if that isn't enough, I COLLECT DEPRESSION GLASS TOO!!
    I think we have a psychic connection, or were separated at birth!! What do you think?

  6. What a beautiful set, Jenny. So love PD glassware. TY for the cooling sip of tea ...

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  7. Beautiful set Jenny! (that's my daughter's name too!) Well, you know I love the winter too and thank you for visiting my blog. What is comfortable about sweating, bugs, sunburns dead flowers...etc. I like spring and especially fall..and winter. Glad I found 'like' people! : )

  8. Lovely little pink set! I collect pink depression era dishes and get so excited when I stumble on something new!!
    Happy PS!!

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Jenny Sweetie...
    Oh does that cool tea ever hit the spot. Yes it has been HOT, HOT and HOTTER yet. Will it ever end? Here in the desert of Phoenix, last week we had our 119 plus a 41% humidity, and that is something we have never had. I don't like the humidity. Will be happy for cooler weather to arrive, however we usually are shopping for Christmas in shorts and flip flops.

    I so love your pink cake plate and desert plates. They are so dainty and delicate looking. Love the pink color of the glass. SO pretty sweet one and I thank you for sharing with me.

    Keeping you in my prayers, and your family as well (your cousin). You are not walking alone sweetie. Many, many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

  10. I love your pink depression glass, very sweet color. I like the cookie too...Christine

  11. those are little-very unusual and sweet!

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  13. Hi Jenny, just stopping by to let you know you are the winner of the White Christmas in July blog party. Woo-hoo!!!

    I will be contacting you by email. Congratulations.
    Oh, yes, and God loves you too, my dear. Thank you for sharing that wonderful message in your profile. Muah!!

  14. Pretty pink depression glass! I love this stuff and have a few pieces myself; my favorite is a small pitcher that I keep in our foyer and filled with little treats for our dog (rewards for doing her biz outside)! May sound odd, but at least I get to see it every day:)


  15. Hi Jenny... thanks for stopping by French Lique, Texas today... I see you really do love PINK Depression Glass! I love the pink and the green.. My great aunt had it all over her home in Blytheville, Ark when I was a girl and everytime I look at a piece... I think of her...

    Your set is beautiful. Guess I'll have to browse though your blog and find more!

    Hope to see you in French Lique again!

    Pink Saturday Blessings. Dixie