Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Y'all, phew this weekend was busy as can be! Work was CRAZY! I worked the entire holiday weekend and I am exhausted. I am glad that is over, we have a few days of normal and then the first of the month hits and we are crazy again until about the 5th, oh well that is the life of retail. So how was your weekend?
The weather is hot and humid already...you know how I feel about that...yuck! Teehee.
So anyhow onto the good stuff :)
This month I joined in the post card swap at Inspiration Avenue this was my first swap there and I have loved doing this swap, it was a handmade postcard swap and we were to make and send 5 cards.
 I hope my partners who are all over the world like them :) I am swapping with ladies in South Africa, England, and Australia...how cool is that!
These are the cards I made.


  1. I hate the heat and humidity too...guess I will have to live in Idaho the rest of my life! Your postcards turned out wonderful-I really like the one with the roses!


  2. Jenny,I Do Love Your Mixed Media Post Cards!Nice! Hugs,Tee

  3. Those are gorgeous postcards! How could they not love them!

  4. I added you to my blog list so you know!!

  5. Hello! These postcards are quite lovely! It was chilly here a couple days ago with lots of rain (just in time for my cousin's visit from PHX) but now it's back to a heatwave and a bit of humidity too. Weird weather! Maybe the cold snap is coming your way! I just can't seem to get a ltr in the mail - write me 1st? Hugs and much love my friend

  6. Hi Jenny,I'm off to mail your tag and decided to stop in and see what your doing.
    Wow! Your cards are just gorgeous,nicely done!
    Also following you too.
    Hugs, Amy Jo

  7. I get really grumpy with the heat and humidity - so I can sympathize. Loved seeing the tag swap - such creativity!