Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bridal Shower part 2

We all love our little sister and we had so much fun putting this together.
We played a few games Beth, Amanda and I each did a game Amanda did Bridal Shower Bingo,
Beth did a Scattergories game with Laura as the letters to work off of and I did a British Equivalent game ( a nod to the Royal Wedding).
                      guests playing games (and Layden and me)
                                 Billie mother of the groom  

           Our mom Debby mother of the Bride
Joanne, she is the Hostess of the shower and the Matron of Honor. She pretty much put the shower together. She is awesome and I love her.

Our "favorite" cousin and best friend to us all Leigh.
and Laura the bride.
My sisters Laura and Beth

OK you THINK we would have taken this photo BEFORE the shower when we were all cool and fresh and pretty not After we got done scrubbing up! Oh well this is us, all the sisters and our mom.
From Left to Right is: Mom, Beth, Laura, Joanne, Me and Amanda. This is where my Heart always is.


  1. Looks like so much fun-and a happy time!

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