Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridal Shower

Well, I think we had a great shower for my sister. For those that don't know I have 4 sisters.
So for parties and showers we all do a piece of it and my Mom does a LOT of it too.
We had my sister Laura's shower at the church my Mom and 1 of my sisters go to. We have a long history in that building (but that is another post...) so we had a ton of food as always and we are so happy Laura liked it all. For my part of it I did the dessert table and for that I decided to do a Sweet Shop.
I made a banner and a wedding cake (made of towels) and a treat jar, all the the things I used to hold the candy and the towel cake were my gifts for her too (plus all the leftover candy in them!)
Wow this is getting long already so I will just show y'all a bit of it for today.

So this was my part of the shower.
I only wish I could have done more for her.
I'll post more pictures and more about the shower later in the week.

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  1. I'm thirsty and some sweet tea sounds good about now! Wow! You did a great job with with the shower. Lovely and fun decorations!