Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday!
How are y'all this lovely February day?
The weather is cool and crisp and the sun is shining and I have a HUGE pot of home made Vegetable Soup simmering on the stove;  so not a bad day at all here in the Old Dominion.
I love the month of February. I always have, for several reasons.
Valentines day (the perfect day for one like me who loves all things with hearts on them)  my sister Laura's birthday, my dear friend Nathan's birthday, my friend Julia's birthday, my niece April's birthday, and my birthday. PHEW it's a busy month, but I love it! The weather is usually cold (just how I like it) and I have lots going on. FUN TIMES!
For my pinks today I wanted to share with y'all some delicious die-cuts (sadly now discontinued)
 I got from Jenny & Aaron last year.
 I LOVE THEIR ART! I am a huge fan of theirs.

OK so many of you know I love all things cupcake, so when I saw their cupcake die cut I wanted it so bad, however I had to save my pennies for it.

Then I saw a plate of doughnuts that looked good enough to eat!
This is the perfect cake!
I'll take one for Valentines day! 
Isn't this lovely Chocolate Confection
The perfect cake for a month filled with birthdays! 
And they all came ready to hang!
This is just a SMALL, Tiny piece of the Art they create
Jump on over and visit them at Everyday Is A Holiday
and check out their shop.
I want one of everything they have!
It is just too sweet.
They are super talented, just as nice as can be, and great artist!
You will love them, I know I do :)


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Jenny, Those treats look too yummy not to be real. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  2. Delightful artwork. It made me smile. Thanks for stopping by Joyful Altitude today and leaving your comment. You're in my prayers. God bless.

  3. Oh me too, I always want everything they sell ~ it is all too delicious!
    *Happy Pink Saturday*

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! That cake is so cute! Feb is one of the few months that we don't have a birthday to celebrate! With 4 kids, 4 kids spouses and 4 grandchildren plus us can see why! Thanks for the visit!!

  5. Those are all so adorable! February is definitely a busy month for you...which day is your birthday on? Have a great weekend!


  6. Ohh Jenny! You absolute sweetie! Thanks so very much for sharing our art with your friends here in blogland! :) Aaron and I are smiling big! :)

    We are honored to have you as a fan of what we do! :)

    Sending lots of love from NJ!

    xo J&A

  7. HPS!

    Definitely! I love their art and this cupcake is amazing!


  8. I agree with Linda, I thought the cupcake was real when I clicked on it. YUM-O!
    You can add one more Feb happening, no two more. My 27th wedding anniversary (2/23) and my 2nd blogaversary (2/24). P A R T Y!!!!!

  9. HPS! That is one cool cupcake! Thanks for the sweet comments!

  10. Oooooh Ethel, I love those. So it is already cut out, right? I would love to use something like that in a quilt. So where is a link I can see all the die cuts, or do I look at the Everyday is a holiday place? Just love them!

  11. Hi Jenny! Thank you for looking at my glass. I cannot believe how many birthdays in your family in one month :) Funny how that happens.I'm your newest follower and please come to lunch anytime : xo Sunny109

  12. lots of deliciousness here! happy pink saturday and thanks for visiting my blog! xo

  13. Aw, those are adorable!

    Here's hoping for a great coming week for us all. Temps in the 50s, so it can't be *too* bad, at least not for February, right?? :-)

  14. Beautiful painting today. Delicious!

  15. I love their stuff too! I'm always checking her blog out-she has great stuff!

  16. That makes me want to start a bakery and hang them on the wall. I needed to have that cupcake one for the party I just had. Next time.