Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The end of an era

Oh I know she looks a bit rough right now, but she has been empty for 4 years and is 59 years old. This was my grandparents house. Their house was the center of family life FOR YEARS. The city purchased it from my parents and aunt and it will be torn down soon. It is bittersweet, since it has been empty the termites have all but destroyed it and it has a lot of external problems, but the foundation is rock solid. My grandaddy built a strong house.
It reminds me of some of the lessons that God has been teaching me the last few years.
1.Everything ends. Good and Bad things all eventually come to an end.
2.Some times things have to be torn down, to be built anew;  there is a time and season for everything.
3.He is always there. ALWAYS.
4.The foundation of Faith, Lord Jesus is as strong as ever, He never crumbles or fails He is my strength.
I am learning new lessons everyday. I am still struggling with lots of things, but I know that leaning on Jesus I will never fall.

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