Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have a GREAT Friend!!!

Last week I got the most WONDERFUL package in the mail.
I have a sweet friend in Pennsylvania her name is Aymee you can find her at her sweet blog
 A SCRAP HAPPY SOUTHERN BELLE. She is such a talented papercrafter, I cannot even begin to tell ya, you will have to go see her for yourself.
Not only is she super talented, she is a sweetheart and a displaced southerner! She is from Alabama and living for now in PA. ANY HOW she was purging her crafting supplies and asked me if I was interested in any of it. Well after only a second of thought (thinking of the crafty budget...which is $0) I said OF COURSE! She packed a flat rate box and when I say packed I mean PACKED! She spoiled me rotten. Here is a view of what she sent to me.

                              Goodies Galore! Tons of Embellishments
                                 HUNDREDS OF SHEETS OF PAPER!
                                           Look at this stack of paper!!!
She was too generous! I will have a great time crafting away, I have already thought of several layouts I want to so with these papers.
Thank You Aymee!
I love ya girlfriend.


  1. She is a sweet friend! You have lots of paper to play with now! Thanks for stopping by the other day. I'm feeling better daily. God bless! Hugs

  2. WoW Now Thats a goodie package! Tee