Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pink Saturday...On A Sunday

Hey There all my Pinkie Pals, Thank You Beverly for hooking us all together!
I was not online at all yesterday so today I am catching up.
I posted earlier in the week about the great package of scrappy goodness my dear friend Aymee sent, all that paper made me want to scrap! I had a couple of Birthday cards to make anyway so I used some of the stuff Aymee sent

Then when I got done with those I was still in a scrappy mood so I did a couple of layouts the first one is of Shelby featuring her photos from her 4th birthday photo shoot I LOVE this girl to bits!!!
And this one is Colby and I writing his Christmas list together after Thanksgiving dinner it's something he and I have done together the past few years. We go through the ads and I write or I flip the pages and he writes, I Love that special time just with him.

So that's what I did this week.
Thanks for stopping in and YES I am still playing with this camera trying to find the best settings,flash,lighting etc...still a work in progress.....


  1. Jenny,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I get so excited when somebody likes the same things I do! I watch an "I Love Lucy" episode usually at least once a day, the reruns are always on, and I have my DVR all set to record! I have to look at your blog when I have more time because I'm trying to see what all this pink stuff is all about. Pink is my favorite color, so that really caught my eye. Busy today, but will get back to your blog soon and check it out. I am your newest follower! Hope to get to know you better!!!

  2. Good for you for digging into that new supply already. I usually have to just stare at new stuff for a few weeks before I can actually use it! Your cards are so the sparkly cupcake one and your layouts are great, too. I remember sitiing with the Sears Wish Book with my kids when they were little...they wanted 100's of things...of course they never got that much stuff. It's fun to dream!
    I think I'm finally going to get into cleaning out my scrapbook room this week. It looks like a bomb went off in there...scary!!
    Have a good week!

  3. Lot of people are into scrape booking. I just never wanted to do it. Probably a lot to do with age. You are going in the right direction with yours. Nice pink showing.

  4. Jenny Thanks for joining in the RAK Swap! Tee