Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Day!

Hey Y'all!
If you don't know I LOVE SNOW!
Well it snowed here yesterday; an entire 2" so southeast Virginia is shut down.
 I know, I know all you snow bunnies out there are laughing hysterically and are shaking your heads.
We rarely get snow in this area, last year not a flake fell.
So when it does snow here, everyone rushes to the grocery store to stock up and the state police are swamped with fender benders and wrecks. It is ridiculous, but that is how we roll down here...ha ha ha
case in point:
Photo From Wavy TV 10
 This was yesterday on I-64 which is the main Interstate here, this is just one of almost 200 accidents in our area yesterday.
Photo taken by my sweet friend and twinnie  Buffy Long, I swiped it from her facebook page :)
This was taken yesterday here in Franklin where we got 2.7 inches.
My silly pup Cody, who HATES rain, but loves to play in the snow.
He went out about 15 times last night, silly dog.
The view from my front porch at noon today.
I love it!

Ok so here is the silliest part, by Wednesday it will be 68 degrees!
I know a lot of you are now doubled over in laughter...teehee
ahhh life in the south!


  1. I love snow too. But I love it best watching from inside the house.... :)
    Ohio weather is just the same. Today we have snow and by Monday it will be 50 degrees. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Oh my, look at all that snow!!! It is very rare for us to have snow and when we do it barely covers the ground. Enjoying temps in the 70's here on the Texas coast. Loved your pictures, they made me feel like it is winter! lol

  3. Living in the North East we don't care to much for that 4 letter word..some of us drive better than others and traffic is always a mess..hope everyone in the fender benders walked away unharmed. Thanks for stopping by and commenting..that was mighty neighborly! Enjoy the weekend..

  4. Hi Jenny!
    You know I'm Way North East, AND people here act the same way! If there is a weather report that we might get 1 snowflake, the food store and the Walmart and any home improvement store is MOBBED!!! The driving isn't much better here either!!
    Sorry I didn't know you were gone! But, I'm glad you are back!!

  5. Glad to see you out (blogging). Weather sure makes us do crazy things, doesn't it? But snow? That's a nice change of pace. We use to get ice storms in the winter -but not so much any more. Which, for the most part, is fine. Cute pup. Nice photos! (of the snow, not the wreck, ha.)
    Glad to see you're feeling better. (Those cupcakes in the previous post look sooooo good. Yum).
    Hugs! Jenn

  6. Oh, I keep wishing for snow now that we live in the mountains, but to drive in it...I don't think I could. Rain scares me! I'd have to stay home from work! :)

  7. LOL! Jenny! yes it seems to be that way when it snows in the south! We need snow, not that it is my favorite or anything- snow today in the mountains up to 12", we may get something Tuesday. Your dog how cute! that is funny how he likes the snow!Nice to hear from you again!! HUgs from me! Keep warm! Linda

  8. Oh my! That person did not have a good day, huh! My brother's old pooch LOVES snow, too. We have some heavy fog right now and snow is coming tomorrow night. It's been "warm" to us 36 degrees! Ha! Hope you are well -blessings and hugs