Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday started out as a bit busy....
Lee had an appointment with the Ortho doc. who did his surgery 3 years ago, he still has constant pain and they are trying to figure out why.
He was feeling tired, but that is usual for him, then we had lunch, he treated me to Chic-fil-A (I can't remember the last time we went there!) Then we had another stop to make at a medical facility. I noticed while we were eating lunch his hand was shaking a bit, well by the time he was filling out paperwork at the medical facility he was having tremors so bad he could not hold a pen, he was pale, and nauseous, and could barely stand, they brought him out to me and told me to take him directly to the E.R. across the street, they thought he may be having a stroke.
What! OK be calm!
Long, Long, Long story short, thank God it was not a stroke!
His blood sugar however was....518! My STARS! If you don't know your normal numbers should be around the 100 range, his blood was like pumping corn syrup through his veins! No wonder he never feels good. He has been feeling bad for a while and thought it was just his blood pressure.
Now we know, but it was a rough, long day. Today he will be resting and setting up appointments with his doctor.
Please pray for him and us as financially I don't know how we are gonna cover all this, and the changes we will have to make.
Thank You God for Diabetes and not a stroke.
(It is hard to be thankful for Diabetes, but I am so blessed to have him Diabetic and not a victim of a stroke)


  1. Oh my word Ethel. That's a bad number. My dad was diabetic. Well, you all will change lifestyles together to support him and you will all be healthier for it, so maybe this was a blessing in disguise. Maybe there was another potential condition that will be stopped in its tracks now that you all will be changing things. God will provide for all of you, and in the meantime keeping track of diet and learning about nutrition is pretty much free, tons of stuff out there, and God will provide the rest for you! Prayers for you all.

  2. Oh my Jenny! Thank God he was at the medical center when this happened and they were able to get a quick diagnosis. We just went through this same thing with my husband (his sugar was 425 when he was diagnosed) It is a learning proces...mind you, we're just 4 weeks into this ourselves...and a major lifestyle change but we're doing it. There should be a lot of free support through the American Diabetes Assoc. I understand you're being grateful for that diagnosis and not a stroke. Because David went to the Dr because of other pain (turns out he also has shingles) and they sent him for blood work and some CT scans, we thought it might be pancreatic cancer. He had lost 25 pounds without trying and was also very foggy brained which turned out to be Diabetes indicators. Whew-sorry to be so wordy. Just know I'll keep Lee in my prayers (and you, too)as we all travel this new road.

  3. Hi Jenny! It's not my birthday yet, but a yellow pixie will come your way if you will e-mail me your address at Always so nice to find a comment from you! Elizabeth

  4. I'm sorry to hear the diagnosis, but yes, better than a stroke! At least now you know, and it can be treated! Diabetes runs in my family, too, so I check mine regularly. Hope he feels better soon! P.S. Thank you for the comment on my blog about my quilt!

  5. Oh darlin'. sometimes we can hardly find anything to be thankful for. The fact that you could find something at all is amazing!
    You keep the faith, it will work out. I will keep your both in my thoughts!!