Monday, December 3, 2012


Ho Ho Ho Y'all!
How are you today?
I finally have a day off and I am hoping to get my Christmas tree up today.
I slept in so I have a late start already, but it was worth it to not get up to the alarm!
My poor neglected blog needed a Christmas theme so I found this cute Gingerbread and HEART theme. Love it! I will probably change the background every week between now and Christmas :)
This time of year is my most favorite time of year. The nights feel magical to me and I love to sit on my porch with a mug of hot chocolate and look at the stars and talk to God. I have not had much opportunity to do that so far this season, so I hope to change that very soon.
The stars from my back yard 
I have been doing some crafty bits but I can't share them just yet...
Well time to get busy.
Have a great day.


  1. Hi Jenny! Yeah! A sleep-in day! They are my very favorite. I wanted to let you know you can share your ornaments now as I am on my blog under Whitman's Ornament Swap (on sidebar). You made me cry with your wonderful ornaments of a very favorite movie. Oh my gosh, the time it took to create the little basket for the movie poster. I don't know if each ornament is the same; so I will be happily waiting to see them on each blog. Thank you again so much Jenny for sharing your wonderful art with me! Elizabeth

  2. Hi Jenny! I love the gingerbread man - so cute! Hope you are well and rested. I completely missed doing something for fall but not forgetting about Christmas! Blessings!