Monday, June 3, 2013

Having Fun

Hey Y'all how are ya?
Roller Coaster riding
Just when I think things are leveled out look out a huge drop comes
Oh well what can ya do?
Laugh, cry, pray...
My bff Julia and I went to Williamsburg about 2 weeks ago for a day of shopping at the outlets and just hanging out.
We had the most fun at Yankee Candle in Williamsburg.
It's one of their flagship stores it is HUGE and a Ton of fun.
Christmas is year round and even Santa is there daily.

They have a fountain, a kitchen shop, a garden shop, a section just for men, make your own candles, get your hands molded in wax....the list goes on...
here are a few photos of our day...
I showed this photo to a bunch of people we work with 
NO ONE not one of them recognized Julia, even when she was
                                             standing right beside them when they were looking at the photo!
ummm....scary....but fun. 
Happy Friends!
silly friends

We ate, shopped and laughed our way through Williamsburg.
We even took the Jamestown ferry over and back.
It was a perfectly lovely, fun day.
We both needed it.
I can't wait for our next adventure...

Oh and of course I have a little gift.
I picked up a large jar
for one of you.

Just leave a comment on this post.
I will draw a winner June 15th.
because of the weight I will only be able to ship in the USA.
Good Luck :)


  1. I sure love going to outlet malls, there are several around the Midwest. I enyoy hanging out with my girlfriends and being silly.

  2. What fun, Jenny. Wish I was there with the two of you. Christmas year round? Gotta love it.
    Glad to see you enjoying yourself.

  3. How fun! So very cool that you are sharing this great day with us! Crossing my fingers! What a great giveaway!

  4. What a wonderful time you two had! sounds like the beginning of a great summer for you two! Yankee candles are the best...I would have loved that store. Have a wonderful week jenny! Hugs,

  5. That looks like a very fun store to visit! I love your masks, those are just too much! I am glad that you got to have some laughs with your BFF and I hope you are doing well!!


  6. Yankee Candles have always been my favorite. This is a new scent I haven't seen before! My favorite of theirs was always Fig but they do not make it any more :(

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! I love girl trips. Some coworkers and I are trying to plan one to NYC!! Wouldn't that be fun? :) As always, love catching up on your life through your blog! Hope that whatever is going on gets better!

  8. Hi Jenny!
    I hope you got the email with me saying sorry a million times!!
    I can see you had an AWESOME day!! I wish I could have been there with you!!

  9. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  10. Sounds and looks as if you had a great deal of fun. Sometimes it's good to take time out to just enjoy life. I'm in UK so count my comment out. Hugs Mrs a.

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  12. That looks like a lot of fun! Great pics! I'm from New Zealand so don't count me in the draw.

  13. Laughter among friends is the best:)