Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day 2014

Hey y'all,
I hope everyone is warm and cozy today.
We got a foot of snow here in Franklin that is not usual at all for us.
A few inches and melts the next day if we see snow at all in winter.
All my Yankee and Mid west friends will laugh when I tell you, the Governor declared a state of emergency. HA! The area is covered with between 6 to 13 inches and we are shut down around here!
Personally I love it.
Did I ever show y'all my new ink?
I do not think I did.

Here are my snowflakes...
I had them done as a memorial for my grandfathers(the blue one)
my grandmothers(the purple)
and my sister is in pink.

My front yard

The backyard and my car.

The front yard to the street.
No one had been down the street this morning, and we are a main road to town.
So we are  staying in and unpacking a few more boxes.
getting sorted and organized.
I think I am gonna roast a chicken for mm
have a good day.
X's & Os


  1. Hope you're keeping warm. Miserable cold here in northern va and more snow on the ground! SO ready for warm weather!

  2. Cute snowflakes!! Hasn't the weather been crazy?? My kids have had 7 snow days so far this year! Stay warm and safe!

  3. Isn't it fun when we get snow in VA? I'm near the coast and we only got 5 to 6, but that's a lot for us too! Snow days!

    Looked at your previous post, the dessert looks yummy.

  4. Great looking snow - we got a tiny bit here a while back. We're expecting temps in the teens tonight. I can't keep my makeshift greenhouse lit -seems the bulbs keep breaking.
    Nice inks on your arm!
    Oh, you moved? I have not kept up!!! Of course, even now, I'm behind b/c your post is now old too. Guess that's just what happen,huh?

    Take care! Hugs, Jenn

  5. I have never thought of snowflakes for a memorial tattoo. I am planning one with either stars or hearts for all the loved ones I have lost.
    Your snow looks...cold. We haven't had any snow this year and I don't miss it at all!

  6. I love your new tats! A great tribute, and they're so pretty, too!