Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015!

Hey y'all how was your Christmas?
Ours was nice it felt a little more like normal this year.
I worked a ton, so for me it was rushed and I never did feel the Christmas spirit or the magic of the season that I crave. Oh well maybe this year...

I did a couple of one on one swaps for  Christmas.
First up is my swap with Marci this was her first swap and I am so glad she decided to swap with me!
I hope it is the first of many for her.
Here is what miss MJ sent me, she made me feel so cared about! Love ya Marci!
I love the ornaments, I use the C7 bulbs on my tree inside and the C9 bulbs outside,
it is just not  Christmas without them, so the big bulb is perfect,
the sleigh speaks to my love of things of old,
the mug is my new favorite! Huge and just perfect for hot chocolate!
And of course a little something sweet :)

I also swapped with Trisha, Love her she gets me and we love many of the same things!
Love her style and how she adds sparkle to my tree!

So Sweet! It really looks like a decorated cookie in person.
Um... I would show you the treats she sent, but we kinda devoured them,
 Lee and I indulged ourselves, (make that gorged) on maple fudge, nut clusters, peppermint bark and peanut butter balls.
They were so good!

Now for the bad 
This is the aftermath of Christmas crafting, wrapping, storing etc... in my craft room!
OYE! You should see the table! Completely covered.
LOL I just shut the door and ignored it for the past week.
Yikes, I don't even know where to start in there! LOL
So if you need me, other than working that is where I will be :)

Now who is ready for a Valentine swap?


  1. I am glad it all arrived and that you enjoyed it! I always love swapping with you and am already thinking up all kinds of Valentine's Day goodies. Hope you are having a Happy New Year sweet friend!


  2. Jenny:
    I loved doing my first swap with you!!! You made it very special to me! I am definitely going to look into so future swaps but let's promise to do a swap with each other at least once a year! <3

  3. Happy New Year Jenny. I haven't done much in the way of swapping for quite a while. I did do 2 Christmas swaps though.
    Hugs mrs A.

  4. What beautiful treats you got from your swaps! Your room looks like "Creative Chaos" which is a very good thing! Sometimes cleaning it up is more fun than messing it up!!
    Happy New Year!