Thursday, October 13, 2011


                       Mt. Hood Image by Matt Roloff
Next week I am taking the last of my vacation days for this year and I would love some input on how you spend your vacation time.
We are  not going on a trip anywhere :(  so we are staying home and I have one project in mind already, one sister and her hubby are coming over for dinner one night and I am going to dinner and a movie with another sister, that leaves 3 full days .
Oh how I would love to go to the beach or to Vegas or ANYWHERE! 
Alas that is not in the budget.
So what is your favorite way to spend a vacation day?


  1. I like to call an official "stay cation". That means, we eat out, play games, and stay up late. No phones, no computers, no video games, no work, no.=no,no!! Just a relaxing day of fun!!
    That's all I got darlin'! Hope it helps!

  2. Spending a day with your loved ones is a wonderful day. Enjoy. Hugs, Kim