Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pink Saturday

Hey Y'all
How are ya?
It is snowing like crazy here (YAY! I LOVE IT)
We are expected to get 2-3 inches tonight.
I have not participated in Pink Saturday in forever, I miss it ever so much.
So for today I wanted to share a great deal I scored back in October
Back in June when I was in North Carolina visiting my cousin, we went to a junk shop and I saw this 
pink depression glass cookie jar and fell in love with it. BUT it was $35 and that was not in my budget.
Well when we went back to visit in October we went back to the same junk shop and it was still there.
It has 2 tiny itty bitty chips in the lid but other than that it is perfect and Pink Depression glass is my favorite.
So I take it to the counter, it has lost it's sticker of $35 and the guy at the counter asks if I got it from inside or outside? Inside I tell him, he says how about $5.  SOLD!
I want to go back and see if I can get the rest of the lot. They had a ton.
So that is my little score.
Happy Pink Saturday.


  1. Love your cute backdrop cupcakes sooo cute and fresh looking...I have that same jar in pink and a yellow one, they are so sweet, I can't believe you got such a great is perfect with the pink...I am a new follower and I will be back again to visit...see you again

  2. WOW! Great deal and it's sooo pretty and perfect for Valentine candy!

  3. wow. score!!! Love the dish. Have a happy week. Kim xx LOVE the new blog background.

  4. Oh, just love depression glass, especially pink. that is beautiful & what a score. Thanks for visting my blog...fellow Virginian! :)

    Following you too now. Pam

  5. You are SO sweet my friend! Thanks for your wonderful comments - I almost thought you were the Jennie I was matched with - wouldn't that have been cool? Yes, I sure have a lot of Jens & Jennies in my life - the more the merrier! Haha!
    I look back on our swap fondly and so glad we became friends. Love ya

  6. P.S. I wonder did I give you that doily? Um - I want to snatch that PB cup outta there! Hehe

    1. Angela, I think you did give me the doily in our first swap :)

  7. The Pink Depression Glass bowl is lovely. Hugs Judy