Thursday, February 24, 2011


My Birthday!
I am 38 today.
My sister and I were born a week (and 6 years) apart, so we celebrated our birthdays last Saturday.
Growing up we never combined our parties, we always had a friend party, most of the time it would be a sleepover, they were so much fun. Sometimes we had a friend party AND a separate family party; that was living large...teehee. My mom always made each one suited to each of us and special.
Laura's fiance Patrick made our dinner and Mom made our cake. We decided to not do gifts for each other anymore, we had a lovely night and missed Jared, Amanda and Layden, and Steve they were unable to be with us, but we all understood.
I hope that my 38th year will be a good year, I am trying to make it so.
Thanks for sharing it with me.


  1. Happy birthday my friend, I was so super surprised and pleased to receive the cross stitch RAK and suddenly realise it was from you.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE to you and your family, from me and mine
    Sandra in Feilding NZ

  2. Happy Birthday dear Lady.
    I hope you got lots of sweets and especially, cupcakes to have with your birthday tea!
    Lady Estelle

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday..... and may your 39th year be the best EVER!!!

    Warm blessings,