Tuesday, August 23, 2011


WOW that was freaky!
There was a 5.9 earthquake centered in Northern Virginia around Richmond that was felt up to New England and down to North Carolina! To my knowledge and I have lived here all my 38 years, that was a first.
I had just gone to bed (I work nights and sleep days) I was reading and the bed started shaking,  I thought what is that when it didn't stop quickly I jumped up and met Lee in the bathroom doorway...lol. We are just fine, the worst that happened (THANK GOD) is the cell service was down. Nothing broke or even fell in my house, again THANK GOD.
Lee and I were talking after and with a hurricane brewing, famine in Africa, wars and rumors of wars all over the middle east, earthquakes shaking, and droughts drying the land, I told him it's like Jesus saying..."Here's Your Sign!"
I hope everyone in blog land is ok and no one was hurt.
Thank You Father God for keeping us and those we love safe.
X's & O's


  1. OMG Ethel, you were the first one I thought of when I heard about it. I was hoping you were ok. I got a chance to get on the computer and check and there was your post, so I was relieved to see you were ok! My sister felt it all the way in a little town about an hour out of Pittsburg. I guess Milwaukee felt it too. Glad you're ok!

  2. I always hope that everyone will accept Jesus as their savior. They say it was felt in our area but we must have been too far west. Have a great day. Hugs, Kim

  3. Glad you are OK! I had to find out on Facebook when my cousin in Va Beach said his desk was shaking today at work. Weird! Please also pray for Haiti as they are in the line of the hurricane. You are right -be ready! Jesus is coming!!

  4. I'm glad you guys were safe. I thought the same thing as far as God's warning signs. I was watching TV when I first heard the news yesterday, while tracking down Hurricane Irene which was almost coming at us in Florida. Between the hurricane, then the earthquake and everything else going on across the globe, my spirit grieved so profoundly as I stared at the TV. So many people laugh it all off as coincidence. All we can do is continue to pray...and look up.

    Adding a few things to your package. My goodness, this thing looks like it's never going to take flight. ;) Will send it out soon.