Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lovely Friends

Do you like my new Blog header?
It was made as a surprise for me by Jenn at Peacorn, Popnuts, Soda Gum and Chewing Water I was overwhelmed.
Dontcha just love the title of her blog :)
She is a lovely woman of Faith and our friendship is growing every week.
She is awesome!
If memory serves we "met" thanks to Beverly's Pink Saturday.
Jenn and I both start at the bottom of the page and work up to the top of all the PS participants, she views every third link, I just go with what catches my eye that day, and some days I view all of them.
She also made a background for me, well she made it for herself, BUT she generously shared it with me! How lucky am I!

but I can't get it to work...still working on that one!
Thank You So Much Jenn, love you loads!

Don't forget if you are interested, enter my giveaway for a copy of Facing The Giants, just scroll down to the Pink Saturday post and leave a comment.


  1. Cute, cute header...and the whole blog is so girly..which is fun for me, since I live in a male dominated household. LOL

  2. Hi Jenny. Yes I like your new banner, so appropriate and I like it because I can't tell if it looks stitched or a mosaic. I have a love and sometimes not so much love relationship with my computer. We all understand when we can't get something to work right on our computers, but the background is great too and fits your name so well -- overlapping hearts. Loving PS and have a blessed week. Terri

  3. Very cute header. You have a talented friend.

  4. I think it is beautiful Ethel. And pink is my favorite color . . . and your page has lots of pink! Just sayin!
    Thank you so much for leaving the wonderful comment on my post. And, by the way, sad news. Lucy died yesterday. I don't know why. Maybe the winter was too much for her. Now Lucy is gone and Ethel lives my friend. Sad. Still have 7 more chickens though. I hope they make it through the winter!
    I'm going to sign up for your giveaway!

  5. Hey Jenny! I've already emailed you but - I just love seeing your header. It has passed from my hands (and heart) to yours and it just blesses me! And, thanks for your generous words. Blessed blessed blessed. Yes, I do think we "met" on Pink Saturday. I use to go by the last digit on my link, which always ended up as a "3". Lately, I've been doing what you do - going for what catches my eye. Once or twice I think I came close to seeing them all. That's a job! BUT fun! I've also emailed you some help for what might clear up the background issues. :) I'm so glad you liked the header, that you love it, that's awesome.

  6. OOPS, I meant to say to Terri - she got it. It's mosaic and I was working at making it look stitched. I succeeded! Yeah! Thanks Terri!

  7. yes, it is awesome when things like that happen!! She must be awesome, and you are a lucky friend!!

  8. I love your header! So cute! Great when we meet good friends like that through blogging.

  9. Hi Jenny,
    Oh my gosh--what a wonderful friend!!! It is adorable!!! and I'm so happy for you!!

  10. What a good friend-Love the header! Finding new friends on blogs is so rewarding!