Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In a jumble...

Hey y'all how are ya today?
It is nice and cool here, we may even see a few flurries here tonight YAY!
It won't stick and it will only be a few, but I LOVE IT!


So the past few days my heart and head are in a jumble...
I just can't seem to sort a few bits out, do you have days like that?
There are a few projects I need to finish and a few I need to start.
Work is just about as rotten as it can be!
I do not remember where I saw this (other than the Bible) so I can't give credit, but probably Pinterest...
                            When I get jumbled, the word of God helps calm me.

Lee's arthritis is debilitating and he is having a hard time with the cold air that  I love so much, and he fell HARD again the other day, it took him a good while before he could get up. I am just glad I was there this time and could help him. It about broke my heart (again) to see him laying on the ground at the bottom of the steps hurting and embarrassed. I love him so much and the pain he lives with daily just makes my heart ache.

I am thankful for so many things, my family, friends (far and near), being loved and cared for, 
my parents who are the 2 best people I know, the Military willing to sacrifice so much for us,
 my Savior who gave his life for me and much, my heart is bursting with all I am thankful for.

My heart is aching for all those devastated by Hurricane Sandy, I have posted here about Jenny and Aaron at Everyday Is A Holiday before, I am a big fan of their work, they live at the Jersey Shore, their home has a good amount of damage, and they have yet to get an insurance adjuster or FEMA to respond to them, they just got power back day before yesterday and it is snowing there tonight. If you are looking for Christmas gifts or love their stuff please support them, they are independent artists and can use our help. They are two of the nicest people I have "met" through blogging.

The election...well that's all I am gonna say about that.
I am praying for one of the ladies I work with who lost her mom to liver failure last night.
I am praying for 2 of my great uncle's who are not doing well and one is with hospice care now, I love them both and don't want them to suffer.
I have to be at work at 6pm on Thanksgiving, so I don't get to have a holiday so some @#*$  can buy a bunch of stuff at 8pm! The very same stuff we have  EVERYDAY! We now have black Thursday and black Friday...Retail...sheesh!
I am thankful that I have a job (even if it is rotten)
(See I told ya I'm all jumbled up)
This Lamb Chop always makes my day better!
I LOVE him so much, couldn't you just eat him up :)

So my heart is full to bursting! 
My head is full of stuff.
God is in control.
The best is yet to come....(I hope)
I would love to visit this farm, isn't it beautiful!
Photo of a bit of Roloff farm I got it from Matt Roloff's FB page.

X's & O's


  1. Prayers for you and Lee. God knows how much I've prayed for all affected by the storm, but this is the US, I have family in Cuba who doesn't get one second of air time and cannot rebuild or if they rebuild they rebuild a cardboard box. It's a good thing God sees us all, and it's an even better thing that God sees hearts.

  2. Jenny, Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I know your husband counts his blessings every day that he has you. Elizabeth

  3. Sending prayers and healing thoughts to you and your family. Hugs!!

  4. Jenny, those words are in a song called "Blessings" by Laura Story. She has an amazing story about the writing of that song. Her husband was quite ill. I'm going to try & attach the YouTube link to the story. I'm not so good at this blogging stuff so if it doesn't work google for iLaura Story "Blessings" Story Behind The Song
    t. I think it will bless you. Here it is:

  5. It seems like the list of things to pray for keeps getting longer. The storm has been absolutely devastating. Lives lost, and people still without power. I hope they can find some peace soon.

  6. Hoping Lee is feeling better, Jenny! And hoping you have a wonderful week:)


  7. Stopping in to say hello and to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I haven't been by in awhile and sad to see this post, praying you feel God's arms around you and a hedge of protection surround you and your family. Glad Lee is OK! Love ya