Thursday, April 24, 2014

About time...

Hey Y'all how are ya today?
Doing ok here :)
It is a beautiful sunny day here in my little spot. I hope it is where you are too!
So what have you been up to?
Me, well I have a few irons in the fire...
I have finally graduated from my archaic laptop that took forever to do anything on to a new HP laptop with Windows 8. I am still learning all the features and am frustrated a bit by some of it, but the speed and being able to navigate at will do more than make up for my frustration!
That is part of the reason posts have been so scarce, it was just too much of a pain to try and get it done on that old thing, whoo hoo I am thrilled.
It was a surprise too, Lee walked in and said here you go.
I was not expecting it at all, especially since he did not do anything for our Anniversary, Valentines or my Birthday. (to say I was hurt would be an understatement)
So an out of the blue gift.....completely gobsmacked.
He knew how the old one was frustrating to me.
I am very thankful and still surprised!
Thank You Lee, love you!

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  1. Who can enjoy blogging without the right tools. I was just getting back into it Saturday, when my beloved camera stopped working and I had to send it off to be repaired. I could use my phone camera, but it just seems like too much work. I am glad to hear you got a new lap will make all the difference in the world. =D