Friday, April 25, 2014


Hey Y'all how are you today?
I start vacation on Saturday! YES! I need it badly.
Work is...well honestly not great so I am thrilled to finally get a break  form there.
I WISH I had the time to do all I want to in my few days away.
I wish I could load up the car and head out on a road trip,

image from google search
 maybe stop in Idaho to see Trisha, head to Nebraska and have fun with Angela, up north a bit and see Peg in Chicago, or Julie (aka Lucy) in Wisconsin.
They are all so sweet and lovely and live in states I have yet to visit!
Maybe go to Kentucky and sleep in a Wigwam
I have always wanted to stay at this motel
 and I am determined to do so one day!
I have no idea why I want to, but I will! LOL

Most likely I will head to Nags Head or OBX as it is now known
It was always Nags Head, NC 
when I was a kid and some time ago it became 
The Outer Banks 
or OBX as we identify it :)
Eating at Sam & Omies 
image from google search
or at Tortugas
image from google search

I am getting hungry
They are 2 of my favorite places to eat 
down there.
It is definitely a balm to my soul
to be at the beach and the OBX 
is my favorite place to be.
                                       Maybe I will go to Busch Garden or Kinds Dominion.
                                         I LOVE roller coasters and both parks have great ones!
                                               What ever I do I will be sure to share it with you!
                                                                             SEE Ya Soon!


  1. Yes! Come see me! We can go to all sorts of places and it is beautiful this time of year. We have plenty of room for guests both human and furry! :)


  2. pretty nice blog, following :)

  3. Come visit me in Ohio. I will bake for you!! :) wherever you end up... enjoy... relax and soak up some sun!