Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

Night before last was lovely. It was a night filled with friends and do you think I took a load of pictures?
ONE.... I took 1 and it is not a good photo
sad little photo, no one is looking at the camera, red eye...oh well.
I love and adore all the people in it :)

I also wanted to share with you a gift I got from Angela 

We both love gingerbread men/women and vintage so she made me the darling Tag and Ornament that are just perfect.
She sent some candies from a sweet shop she likes, made me the sweetest Christmas card and enclosed this little Ornament book, to record your yearly traditions. I love that idea!
Angela and I "met" earlier this year when we did Sandy's (521 Lake Street)Easter Tag Swap.
We hit it off right away and are becoming the greatest of friends.
We are so blessed that Sandy matched us up.
I love Angela's faith and her spirit.
Her letters always make me smile.
Merry Christmas Angela, thank you for your sweet gifts.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Ethel,
    I just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas! I received your package yesterday but will wait till Christmas to open it. So sweet of you. I have had nonstop duties with taking care of mom and trying to finish last minute gifts, never even got out all the cards I wanted, so I hope this will suffice. I truly hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas. I love the Christmas decorating on your blog, beautiful!!! You have to tell me where you found that, I would love to try it next year! Thanks again in advance for whatever is in the package, I know I will love it. I am almost looking forward to all of the hustle and bustle being over with! Yes, I know, relax, enjoy the moment . . . I'm trying! One more quilt to finish. I think I can do it if I start now and don't stop till Christmas eve!

  2. How lovely Jenny!! That is what holidays are for!! Enjoying time with friends, and remembering the spirit of Christmas!

  3. You're welcome sweet friend! So glad we met, too! Divine appointments, right? Have a blessed Christmas and enjoy your family time. Hugs!