Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday Y'all!
I hope this day finds you well and happy.
We are all meeting at Beverly's so grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and lets have some fun.
Christmas is right around the corner...yay :)
Well almost yay, I have to be at work at 10pm Christmas night, so I won't get to enjoy much of it. (SIGH) oh well what can I do? Just deal :)

Yesterday I got my Ornaments from Misty. I LOVE THEM!!!

Didn't I tell ya she makes the CUTEST clay characters!
Her Etsy shop is Misty's Clay Cuties.
Thank You So Much Misty!
I loved doing this ornament swap, my swap partners are the best!
I also wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas decorations with you.

 I love this little ornament tiered display.

Top tier I love the happy snowman.

Middle tier and my FAVORITE ornament Miss Sprinkle!
 Dontcha just love her?
She always makes me smile.

Bottom tier, the rest of the gang :)
I love the little petite fore and the Christmas tree cupcake.

I always save this for last when I decorate, It is ridiculous how happy this little set makes me.
I bought the entire set,  the stand and all the ornaments
 I think it was 5 years ago.
It was at Hallmark and as soon as I saw it I had to have it (boy those were the

Merry Christmas!


  1. This is indeed a happy holiday decoration.

  2. Those are wonderful!! I must check out her shop. Happy Pink Saturday. Hugs. P.S> please stop by Katherines Corner and add your lovely blog to my new blog list page ( if you haven't already) and don't forget to enter the Tis The Season Giveaway it ends tonight.

  3. Those are super cute, I can see why they make you smile! We all need a lot of thosenin our life!

  4. Mindy's ornaments are awesome! And your swap a total success!!
    I'm sorry you have to work on Christmas :(

  5. Those are so cute, Jenny. I love how you've displayed them. Sounds like a fun swap.
    Boo-hoo about working on Christmas. Who's the scrooge? ;) I can take a guess.
    Hey, have you watched White Christmas yet? This is it!! When's good for you?

  6. So cute. Gosh, she is talented. I'm sorry you have to work on Christmas, but I hope you can enjoy some of the day....
    God bless you,

  7. Ornaments are so cute! So you have Lucy everywhere in your house? Nice! I just have some salt/pepper shakers, snow globe and doll. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a wonderful week! Winona